Refine your Social Commerce strategy

We have reached the last leg of our journey through our Social Commerce whitepaper ďReturn on Facebook.Ē It has been a fun run folks and hopefully you have gained clarity for the strategy, planning and tactics needed along the way. You are equipped with the tools in your tool belt to step back and review your strategy and executed tactics and make adjustments as needed. †This isnít an option; it is a requirement for selling on Facebook and your overall Social Commerce success.

As the last step in our social strategy document it is important to emphasize that it will never end, refining is a continuous cycle. Review will expose strategies that are working and tactics that resonate better than others.†† Your social strategy is not set in stone, it is meant to evolve as your business evolves and as you learn what will work in social environments. It is very important to review detailed feedback gained from your fans that should be added back into your plan. Remember, you are creating a community centered on people and your products and services are only one element of who you are. Adjusting your approach to the ever changing needs of people will be important to be relevant for them socially and ultimately to drive commerce.

As we look back on the previous blog posts letís remember the key take away points:

††††††††† †First off you want to develop a social commerce strategy, this is a must. It determines the position you will take in your field as well as determine the value you will offer your customers.

††††††††† Then we move onto the things you donít want to do to grow your audience. The number one mood killer is not posting interesting content for your fans.

††††††††† Letís not forget the post on putting the cart before the horse, tactics usually are the most exciting part of the social strategy but you canít abandon the backbone of the mission by starting with tactics.

††††††††† For all your hard work and effort you want to make sure measurements are in place. This provides not only a pat on the back for yourself but proof to show others.

††††††††† Finally we have reached the end but at the same time is the beginning. Refining your social strategy will be an ongoing process; it will start some of the best brainstorming sessions and will make you feel like nothing you do is working. You will have your moment in the sun.

Parting is such sweet sorrow but we will back next week with more intriguing information for your social efforts so be sure to follow us here and on all our other social network sites.




What has been your favorite part of developing your social strategy? Sound off in the comment section below weíd love to hear from you.

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