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With so many online shopping cart options, finding what is best for your business can be overwhelming.  Each week ShopTab ( features one online shopping cart, interviewing the featured cart’s developer to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

This week ShopTab had a chance to talk with Massimo Arrigoni co-founder and CEO of Early Impact, the software developing company that produces quality e-commerce software used to build and manage Internet storefronts.

Early Impact creates software that blends seamlessly with existing Web sites and is used by thousands of online stores all over the world in virtually any industry. One of its very successful shopping carts, ProductCart, is sold both directly to businesses and through a network of Web designers and developers. ProductCart is a sophisticated, secure (officially PA-DSS validated), user-friendly shopping cart program used all over the world to build and manage professional Internet storefronts.

ProductCart is integrates with Google Checkout, all PayPal payment systems, dozens of other payment gateways, UPS, FedEx, USPS, CanadaPost, QuickBooks, Stone Edge, POS systems, and more. Fully customizable, it has been adopted as the solution of choice for building personalized ecommerce solutions by hundreds of Web designers and developers.

Q: Why did you launch ProductCart?

A: To provide a robust, fully customizable, very feature-rich ecommerce system to small businesses. ProductCart contains lots of sophisticated features, packaged in a user-friendly interface. As merchants “dig deeper” into their store management tools, they are often shocked at the depth of many of its features.

For example: you can handle unlimited pricing levels, and restrict payment options to specific pricing categories, so that when an “International Distributor” logs in, they see special prices that are specific to their “pricing category” and might be able to pay “Net 60”, a payment option not available to any other customer.

Q: What is ProductCart’s unique competitive advantage?

A: There are many, from the fact that ours is one of the very few ecommerce shopping carts that has been officially PA-DSS validated, to features such as full UPS & FedEx integration (down to the ability to finalize a shipment and print a shipping label) or a built-in content management system with multiple permission levels. We have compiled a page that highlights some of the areas where ProductCart is typically a superior offering:

Q: How many products will your eCommerce platform allow?

A: There are no limits. ProductCart, however, was designed as a small business system, so there can be some performance issues when running a store with hundreds of thousands of products. That said, there are stores that do so and have tweaked the ProductCart source code a bit to perform better in those scenarios.

Q: How much does ProductCart cost?

A: It starts at $695 for the standard version. The “Build To Order” version ($1,495) contains a product configurator that provides a powerful solution to companies that are selling configurable products and services.

There are also a few “add-on’s” that further extend the system’s default features, such as a tool that performs automated order and inventory synchronization with QuickBooks.

Discounts are available for multiple licenses and for resellers.

For details, see:

Q: What does the future hold for ProductCart?

A: We continue to improve our software. For example, we are finalizing new features that will substantial strengthen “Product Reviews”, including the ability to send customers a reminder to review a product N days after they have purchased it, thank customers for writing reviews by awarding them “Reward Points” to use against future purchases, etc.

Q: How is support handled for ProductCart customers?

A: There is free support for the first 30 days, and then a $195 Support & Updates Plan that covers all support and software updates/upgrades for 12 months. Support is provided mostly via e-mail through our support ticket system. We are extremely fast in replying to support requests. We are very proud of the high level of technical support that we have always provided, and feedback from our customers has always been very positive in this area. There is also a very active community on the ProductCart forums:

Q: Do you have any other comments about ProductCart for ShopTab readers?

A: If you are comparing a licensed solution to a hosted one, make sure to do the math right. A licensed solution might cost more at the start, but over time, it saves you an incredible amount of money. We created a “calculator” to help customers figure out exactly what various e-commerce solutions are going to cost them:

The shopping cart software you choose is the foundation on which you build your e-commerce business. Two ingredients are of paramount importance, in our view:

- That there is a company clearly responsible for that product and committed to constantly improve it and support it

- That you have the ability to customize it to better meet your needs, which may change over time

Check out ProductCart and other Early Impact software ( to simplify your online cart experience and ShopTab ( to expand your business through social media by having a shopping cart directly on your Facebook Fan Page.

If you are currently using ProductCart or any other Early Impact software please share your experience below in the comments.

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