Organic and Paid Promotion Options with Your Facebook Store

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How do I get my first sale? 

If that’s the question you’re asking yourself after opening your Facebook shop, you’re not alone. Getting your first Facebook store sale is exciting and important as you grow your Facebook presence. Luckily, there are several ways you can promote your products to your fans.

There are two types of promotions that you can use on Facebook: organic and paid.

Organic promotions

Organic promotions are promotions that you don’t pay for. Organic promotion refers to the News Feed stories automatically generated from the actions taken by people on your Facebook Page or Page posts. For example, when someone likes something you publish to your Page, their friends may see a story about it in the News Feed.

There have been some articles published claiming that it’s impossible to reach a large number of people on Facebook without paying for ads, but we’d beg to differ – you can sell on Facebook without ads if you’re good at promoting your products.

There are a handful of options for organic promotion that you can access within your Facebook store admin. Here are just a few examples:

  • Use our Facebook shop discount code feature to create a coupon code, then post about the coupon code on your wall
  • Run an “event promotion” and give your customers a special deal based on an event (or a specific time period, like “the next 24 hours”)
  • Set up your Facebook store call-to-action button, so mobile buyers can easily find your store on their phones

Here’s a great example of an organic promotion that one of our Facebook store customers used to get 138 likes, 12 comments, and 12 shares without paying for any ads. 

Shed-Head-post-1 2

Remember to always include our Facebook shop smart links in your post, so users on all devices can easily access your products. The simple act of posting about your products with an image and link has been shown to greatly improve your chances of driving sales in your Facebook store.

You’ll be able to view the results of your organic posts using our analytics dashboard. You’ll likely notice that days with more organic promotions drive more clicks, more social shares, and more buy clicks.

organic-reach 2

Paid promotions

Paid promotions are any promotions that (you guessed it!) have to be paid for. Due to limitations set by Facebook, the maximum audience reach of certain posts will be limited to the audience they’ve specified. With paid promotions, you can work your way around these limitations and reach a higher degree and number of targeted audiences that your content is intended for.

With Facebook you can promote and boost the reach of your posts and content through Facebook Promoted Posts. The manner and budget that you set for promotion will determine who sees it and how many people see it. You can boost a Facebook store product post for as little as a few dollars.

boost 1

The procedure for promoting a post is fairly easy but you must also rely of effective techniques to make your campaign more effective. This includes the use of good headlines as well as creative and eye-catching graphics that will entice targeted audiences to read and engage with your post.

Facebook ads come in all shapes and sizes, and there are more than 10 different Facebook ads categories. After you’ve experimented with boosting a post, you can try some of Facebook’s other ad options, such as:

  • Multi-product carousel ads
  • Call-to-action button promotion
  • Creating an “offer” button that points to your Facebook store

The important part about Facebook advertising is testing. Odds are you won’t get everything right the first time you advertise. You’ll have to learn over time what ads work and what ads flop. Don’t put all of your money into one add campaign and then get surprised when it doesn’t have the results you wanted. Spend in small chunks to test conversion, learn something, and then continue to test.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a great guide on the basics of Facebook Ads from Ad Espresso: The Beginner’s Guide To Facebook Advertising

Questions about organic or paid promotion? Send us a message on Facebook or an email at



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