New Feature: Edit Facebook Shop Colors on Desktop and Mobile

Facebook store custom colors

We’ve rolled out a new feature for all of our Facebook shop users, and we’re pretty excited about it.

Colors can affect how much your customers buy, which means colors are an important part of your online shopping experience.

That’s why all ShopTab templates now have full color customization for their Facebook stores. With the new color settings you can change the colors on the store header, buttons, and text – on both desktop and mobile.

This means you can make the mobile store look different than the desktop version if you’d like.

With the new feature update, you’ll be able to change your store design to match the colors of your brand. You can even change colors based on sales you are having or on the shopping season (e.g. red, green, and white for a holiday sale). This is another great way for you to build your Facebook business the way you want it instead of getting stuck with a template that doesn’t fit your brand.

If you’d like to change your Facebook store colors, login to your ShopTab account and then follow these steps:

1. Click Settings and then select “Store Design Options”

custom color 1

2. Choose the three colors you’d like for both desktop and mobile

Facebook store custom color


You can type in the color’s hex code directly or select the color on the drop-down color spectrum.


color change 3

3. Preview your store to see if you like your newly-created design



color change 5      color change 4

And it’s that simple!

You now have a customized Facebook store that matches your brand. If you’d like to do even more customization with your Facebook store, you can add a custom banner or add your own CSS to change the store layout.

Send us a message on Facebook if you need any help with your color set-up and don’t forget to show us your newly customized store in the comments below!

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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