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At ShopTab, we’re always striving to make it easier for our Facebook shop clients to promote and sell their products. If you read our latest post, you’ll know that we believe Facebook organic reach isn’t dead, and that a bit of strategic promotion can go a long way for your Facebook business page.

We just released a brand-new ShopTab admin update that will allow you to promote your products easily, without paying for Facebook ads.

Now, when you login to your Facebook store account, you’ll be able to access links to your individual products and a link to your Facebook shop all from the My Products page.

The best part: All of the links are mobile friendly

Facebook store promotion

This means if you copy/paste the link for your store using the “copy” button, anyone who clicks the link will be taken directly to your Facebook shop whether they’re on a desktop or on a mobile device.

Why should you worry about promoting your Facebook Shop products?

Glad you asked.

We’ve worked with thousands of Facebook stores at ShopTab and what we discovered is this:

The majority of sales are made through posts on your Facebook wall, not through people who visit your Facebook page. Stores that promote using these links are more likely to sell their items. If you’re hoping that your customers will stumble upon your tab and into your store, you might be waiting a while before your first sale. You have to promote, promote, promote, and include links on every wall post you make about your products.

We recommend 3-4 Facebook shop promotions a week (remember to include entertaining and relevant content between those posts – don’t just promote all the time)

A good promotion will include: 

1. An enticing offer

2. A high-quality image

3. A link to the shop (otherwise the customer won’t know how to get to the offer)

Here’s an example from one of our boutique Facebook stores, Lillians of Dickinson.

Facebook shop image

If you already have a social calendar, it’s easy to incorporate a few product posts. Lillians of Dickinson’s Facebook store receives hundreds of page views a week with less than 3,000 Facebook fans – that’s incredible considering organic reach for most Facebook pages are less than 10% per post.

If you have any questions about promoting your store or social selling, send us a message us on Facebook.

For the entire month of January we’re providing free Facebook store audits for all ShopTab users. We’ll tell you how to improve your posts, how to get more fans, and how to effectively promote your store.





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