Create a discount code in your Facebook shop

New Feature: Create a Discount in Your Facebook Shop

We’re excited to announce a new feature now available to all ShopTab users, the ability to create a product discount within your Facebook shop.

Create a discount code in your Facebook shop

Using the discount feature with your integrated cart is a great way to drive sales for you Facebook store. You can now put specific items on sale, offer specials to your Facebook fans, and sell inventory that isn’t moving at it’s current price point.

To use ShopTab’s discount feature, login to your ShopTab account and then follow these steps:

1. Select the product you’d like to add the discount to.

You can find your products under the “My Products” tab in your admin page.

 2. Check the box next to “Product Variables”
3. Check the box next to “Add a surcharge or discount to this product”

Discount #1

4. Add your discount text in the description field, and then add your discount under the surcharge column.

Important: Your discount must be entered as a negative number (i.e. -5.00) or it will show up as an additional charge.

Discount #2

5. Your discount will now show up as a drop-down option for your customers, and will be deducted from their total when they complete the purchase.

Discount #3

Discount #4

6. If you’d like to add discounts to specific variables, that’s possible too! Just add the variables and put the negative number next to the products that are being discounted.

Discount #5

Happy Selling!



Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • Dawn Rosell

    I am wondering if there is a way to select specific items to be on sale for a specified time. Looking to do a week long sale of 40% off selected items. Is this possible yet without doing each item one at a time?