Leverage a Featured Item on your Facebook Store


ShopTab has released a new feature to help you sell in your Facebook shop. All ShopTab clients can implement a “Featured Item” which displays the first product on your store page in a stand-alone box with a banner that states “Featured Item.” This is a great way to draw attention to specific products on your first page.

Here are a few ways you can utilize the new Featured Item on your store in order to drive sells and generate returning customers.

– Create a daily or weekly deal with the featured item: You can pick a new item to be featured daily with a coupon code or free shipping offered on the item.

– Create a special discount if the item is liked so many times or by the first 25 users.  Turn the featured item into a game. In the text let the customers know that the first fans to like the product will get 20% off sent to them via a private message in Facebook.

Selling in Facebook should leverage every opportunity to enhance the merchandising and promotion of your products. The “Featured Item” feature is a great example of both by creating more prominence for your first listing and the opportunity for everyone to see it on the first page of your store.

For more information on how to implement your “Featured Item” view the slideshow presentation below.

[slideshare id=12762237&doc=featureditem-120501144152-phpapp02] 

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