Launch a Facebook Store with Amazon’s Webstore Commerce Platform

What can you do to supercharge your marketing opportunities and revenues after you’ve optimized the power of your Amazon Webstore?  How about taking your products or services to a social platform to engage a new audience and reach new customers? There is a compelling solution, create a Facebook store! ShopTab, a leader in global social commerce, has released Amazon Webstore integration that allows you to take products from your website and place them in a customized Facebook shop in a few simple steps.

Let’s explore the value of adding social commerce to your existing e-commerce efforts.  Facebook, or any social network, allows merchants to have a different conversation with your audience that not only engages them but allows them to become your best advocates. Using Facebook as a social selling platform opens up a new avenue to create a personality behind your brand and the potential to present your products to over 950 million Facebook users. Retailers continually invest to stay in front of their existing clients and broaden their reach to new clients – social networks like Facebook are a new tool to add to your mix of weapons to achieve your goals.

When you provide clients and prospects the opportunity to socially interact with your products using “likes,” “shares,” “tweets,” and “pins” the conversation is amplified to their friends and friends of their friends.  It is important to note this delivery can’t mimic your e-commerce solution; social users are looking for a unique shopping experience, one that brings them closer to their friends or people with similar interests. According to Social Commerce Today users are engaging in “social intelligence” which involves six elements:

1) Social Proof – My friends have that so I need that.

2) Reciprocity – Well they gave me a free product so I will buy something from them.

3) Authority – My favorite actor/actress has that so I need that.

4) Consistency – This product has lasted forever or it’s my favorite so I will buy from them again.

5) Liking – I really love my best friends taste so I want what she has.

6) Scarcity – None of my friends have this product yet I need to be the first.

The opportunity for social commerce to deliver revenues is highly compelling if you can appeal to these social intelligence drivers.  Download our free Social Commerce Strategy if you need a kick start to your efforts.  To get started with your current Webstore infrastructure, all you need to do is follow a few steps that are outlined in the slideshow below and your shop will be up and running.

[slideshare id=12196510&doc=slideshowforamazonwebstoreintegration-120328131100-phpapp01]


We also provide a detailed FAQ on your Facebook Shop integration with Webstore. For a special 30 day FREE trial visit our Webstore Facebook Shop landing page. ShopTab is an Amazon Webstore Solutions Provider.

Let us know what social commerce functionality has worked for you. Sound off below in the comment section.

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