Invisible Children Highlights Social Media and Facebook Commerce Efforts

There has been a viral sensation with the explosion of Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 video this past month. This non-profit organization went from 444,461 likes in February to 3.1 million and growing today. Invisible Children is an organization that proves the power that people have with social media. It has taken one cause and made it a global phenomenon. ShopTab is proud to be their Facebook store provider and we got the chance to have an interview with Kitty Lee their Marketing/Media Assistant. This was an opportunity to get an insight into their social strategy as a non-profit and why using social media just makes sense.

The power of social media has been proven with your organization, with that in mind where do you see the organization going next?

“Our social media platforms have always been a way for us to get to know our supporters and for them to get to know us. It puts a face and personality to our organization, it bridges the gap, it makes us more connectible. We share information on our programs and the conflict, but we also post what we’re interested in, inspired by, what we are laughing at, etc. That is the personality of IC. It is very distinct and that won’t change. It’s also about creating a conversation and listening to your supporters. It’s an easy way for us to communicate with our supporter and our critics.”

Do you think Facebook commerce is something more non-profits should use?

“Yes, I don’t see why they wouldn’t. We live in a social world. It omits out a step; it makes it easier for the supporter/ consumer to find what they are looking for. It puts everything in one place. “

Did you expect this kind of response?

“The goal was to hit 500,000 views. So over 100 million- that’s beyond the dream. “

By leveraging Facebook have you reached a whole new demographic that you didn’t expect to reach?

“We’ve always had a pretty strong Facebook community. Our audience is between the ages of 16-24, which goes hand-in-hand with social media platforms. However, we are starting to see an older audience join in.”

Why did you decide to use a Facebook store?

“Since we utilize social media actively, it just made sense. If our supporters are on our Facebook and want to purchase some IC gear, it takes away a step of searching for our online store.”

For their Facebook store visit:!/invisiblechildren/app_189977524185

What has been the best part about this journey from conception until now?

“What’s happening right now is what IC has been working on for the past 8 years. KONY2012’s point was to deliver the facts of the situation and tell the world what exactly they can do to help stop him. This film, along with our supporters, made Joseph Kony famous and that is by far the coolest thing to see. “

Do you have any advice for non-profits that are trying to use social media to spread their message?

“Be present on social media and create a conversation, don’t just give updates. You are human and so are your supporters.”

A key component to take out of this interview is not only the importance to utilize social media as a non-profit but that Invisible Children has been working on this cause for over 8 years. It takes time and the right tools to engage a social audience, but once you figure that out you too can have a viral sensation.

How have you been leveraging your social media to create awareness for your non-profit or a cause that is important to you?

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