Interpreting Your Facebook Shop Analytics

organic reach in Facebook storeEarlier this year we announced the release of our Facebook store performance dashboard, the go-to page for all of the questions you might have about your Facebook store pages views, promotion activity, and social engagement.

The performance dashboard was designed to give you powerful insights about your store activity and help guide decisions you make about promotion and sharing your ShopTab products.

Facebook stores that promote their products are more likely to get sales, and the performance dashboard can show you how much impact those promotions actually have.

To access your performance dashboard, login to your ShopTab account and then click on the “Performance” tab.

Note: The performance tab will only appear for customers who are using the Facebook integrated cart.

Facebook store performance

The performance page measures four types of activity.

1. Daily page views – the total number of pages that are viewed in your Facebook store in 24 hours

2. Buy clicks – the total number of times your Facebook fans add an item to their cart

3. Social activity – combination of shares, likes, pins and tweets

4. Promotions – the number of products you’ve promoted from your store

Facebook shop activity

Each type of activity can give you clues about how to get the most out of your Facebook store. Let’s dive into each type of activity.

Daily page views

Daily page views are the heartbeat of your Facebook store. They allow you to see overall traffic trends and then match those trends to events (external or internal). You may notice that your traffic peaks on certain days of the week or when you post a certain type of item. You may also notice that more items in your store leads to more total page views. If you run a promotion on your Facebook page, you can jump into your performance page and see if that drove potential customers from your wall to your shop.

Buy clicks

While buy clicks are correlated to purchases, they don’t necessary mean the final purchase was made. Buy clicks tell you when people add items to your cart (you’ll want to check PayPal to see more statistics about the final purchase decision). If your page views are high but your buy clicks are low, you may want to ask yourself why. Are you products priced too high? Are your potential customers hesitant to buy because they don’t have enough information about what you’re selling? Try to gather some feedback from your fans if you find that page views are high and your buy clicks are low (or nonexistent).

Social activity

Social activity is a great supplement to the other activity on your performance dashboard. If people are truly excited about your products, they are more likely to share, pin, or tweet about them. A high volume of share activity indicates that your customers are bringing you more potential customers. Try to track down the source of the share and then respond by “favoriting” the tweet, “liking” the post, or commenting (with your Facebook shop smart link).


Promotions are key if you want to drive social activity, page views, and buy clicks to your store. This may be the most crucial part of managing your shop. You should continuously experiment with different social marketing techniques to see what promotions are effective. We’ve covered some of the strategies in other ShopTab blog posts. Here is some reading to get you started.

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Regularly checking your analytics is an important component of managing a Facebook store. It tells you what posts drive the most page views, what promotions are the most effective, and what types of deals are the most likely to lead to buy clicks.

If you have any questions about interpreting your analytics, let us know in the comments below or send us a note at

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