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The InstanteStore shopping cart software is owned by eSolved MSC Sdn. Bhd., a company based in Penang, Malaysia. InstanteStore was started up by Charles Tang way back in September, 2001. Charles’ first foray into online selling was his “online store” selling mobile phones in 1999 which was basically a very simple sales website with “Add To Cart” buttons to let people buy. That simple store became a great success within a span of several months and was sold off to a larger competitor. He hasn’t looked back since and started several highly successful online stores before launching the InstanteStore shopping cart software in 2001.

Q:  Why did you launch InstanteStore?

A:  After having started a number of online stores that became pretty successful, people began to ask us to help them build their own store. Initially, we provided this custom web store development service, where we basically built an online store exactly to our customer’s requirements. This worked out well for us but we were forced to turn away quite a number of people who needed our services but simply could not afford to pay the custom development fees.

Couple that with the fact that we realized the majority of online stores fell into only a few “categories”, it was natural for us to build InstanteStore and make it available to a wider range of merchants.

Bear in mind that this was way back in 2001 where there weren’t anywhere near as many ecommerce solutions available and the de facto estore builder then, Yahoo Store!, built stores that looked a little dated and charged hefty per order fees. So, we came up with InstanteStore to provide a fresh alternative and only charged a monthly fee without any hidden per transaction charges.

Q:  What features or benefits make InstanteStore stand out

A:  One feature we have that is pretty unique is our “wholesale pricing” module. If you want to provide price breaks to customers who bulk-purchase, this module works wonders. You can choose to give a different price to different groups of customers. For example, a regular retail customer sees Product A at $4.99 while a repeat customer sees the same product at $4.00 and a known bulk purchaser can buy it for $3.50. You just set the price group of the customer and the software does everything else.

Another thing we’re pretty proud of is our Automatic Cross-Sell Booster system. In addition to having the standard  cross-sell/up-sell on the product page and on the shopping cart page, our system does something else to really boost your order size. AFTER the customer has completed their order, they’ll see a special offer for several items that tightly complement the products they just purchased. The special offer includes a rapidly ticking countdown timer to increase response. From the testing done by our merchants, this module really helps to increase their customers’ order size.

That’s just a few of the many features built-into InstanteStore that helps our merchants attract visitors, convert those visitors to customers and turn the customers into repeat-buying loyal customers.

Q:  How many products will your eCommerce platform allow?

A:  We can support as many products as you require. There’s basically no “limit” to the number of products InstanteStore can support. However, our standard $49.97/month plan includes 200MB of diskspace which typically can support around 1000 products. Of course, you can upgrade the included diskspace for a very nominal fee if you have more products to add.

Q:  What is the cost for InstanteStore’s service?

A:  We charge a monthly subscription rate of only $49.97 (inclusive of hosting, tech support, 200MB disk space, 4GB bandwidth and ALL the features of our solution). Rather than limiting features for lower price plans, we believe you should have access to all our features no matter whether you’re a big business or just starting up!

Q:  What are InstanteStore’s future plans for development or additional features?

A:  We’re very excited to be launching our new template system in the next week. With this new system, our merchants will be able to easily customize their store by dragging and dropping what they would like displayed. Want to put your product category listing on the left, just drag it there and it’s done. To coincide with the launch of the new template system, our talented designers also came up with a number of bolder, fresher and more attractive ecommerce templates. All that is to help our merchants to sell more.

Q:  How is support handled for InstanteStore customers?

A:  There are many ways our customers can contact us. The preferred method is via our Merchant Support Ticket System where every request is logged and you’re guaranteed to get a response from our friendly and knowledgeable support staff. In addition to that, customers and people who are interested in our solution can also communicate with us via our Live Chat service. Then, of course, they can contact us by calling us. To make it easier and cheaper for our clients to contact us, we have a US-based support number, one in Australia and also our direct number in Malaysia.

Q:  Do you have any other comments about InstanteStore for ShopTab readers?

A:   Well, I think the best way for ShopTab readers to experience InstanteStore is to try out the solution by creating a 30-day free trial account. You can literally try out almost all the features provided by InstanteStore and see whether it’s a good fit for your business.

Check out InstanteStore at If you are currently using InstanteStore please share your experience below in the comments.

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