Improved App Presence in the New Facebook Fan Page

It sure seems like Facebook listened to early feedback on the new Business/Fan Page redesign, especially as it relates to applications. Originally, the design only accommodated applications under a “More” tab. While most app providers know that the majority of engagement and activity for apps happens on the Fan Page and user’s wall, the elimination of the visual tab created a perception of reduced app value for Fan Page owners.   The good news is that Facebook made adjustments and created a high value visual tab presence for app providers in addition to the original position under the “More” tab option.

Justin’s Nut Butter is one of the early pages to migrate to the new design and we’ve used their store to show the new positioning.

#1) Visual app location (left rail)


#2) Position under the “More” tab


We look forward to hearing your thoughts on the new Fan Page Timeline design and how it will impact your social marketing efforts.

  • salooms

    ok how do I get the new positioning on my page? Am I missing something ?

  • Do you mean how to move your app position on the new FB layout? Or do you mean something else? Let us know here or send us a note at