Improve your Facebook Shop with Great Calls to Action

Lately we have started to notice a number of clients using the traditional “Buy Now” button in creative ways. It got us to thinking that it is your button and you should have it say whatever you want. Most would agree that this button is your most dominant Call to Action (CTA) in your Facebook Store and many companies are seeing that Facebook is one of their biggest drivers of referral traffic.   The control of the “Buy Now” button is in your hands, so get creative!

Are you working with a non-profit organization and want to reach out to your fans on Facebook? The “Buy Now” button can become a “Donate Now” button. Or maybe it could be “Help a Vet” or something even more compelling.

Maybe you are hosting a seminar or a class and have created a killer Facebook page to promote it; now you just need to figure out how to get people to sign up. Simple, turn the “Buy Now” button into a “Register Now” or “Sign-ups are Limited” call to action.

Your Facebook store is fantastic extension of your eCommerce website because it’s where your fans are hanging out. But you may have a product that isn’t easy to sum up in the limited space inside of a Facebook page. You can turn the “Buy Now” button into “More Details” or a “Configure Now” button to drive your fans to your eCommerce product pages.

If you are wondering how you make changes to the text in a button or any phrase within your Facebook Shop it’s easy in ShopTab. Login to your admin and click on “Settings,” then you will see a “Translate” link. That will be your ticket to change not only the text for the “Buy Now” button but all the text on your Facebook store. The store application is under your complete control so make changes that are appropriate for your audience.

What are some creative ways that you think you can use your Facebook store for? Let us know we’d love to feature you.