How to Win Using Images for Product Searches

Images are everywhere! Whether we realize it or not images make up a large part of our lives. Each day we are checking on Facebook images to see what our friends are doing, looking at Pinterest to find a delicious new recipe, or looking on eBay to purchase that item we have had our eye on.

Photos, videos, and other types of rich media are what sell a product. Just think about when you are planning a vacation. You go online and check out the price and then when you have narrowed that down you take a look at the photos of the hotel and in most cases this is where your decision of where to stay is made.

You can use images to help sell your products online in a variety of ways. A key way of getting your product out there is by optimizing your images, i.e. having them show up in a search engine when a consumer types in a certain keyword. Let’s use the below image as our example image.


When you name image files on a website website be sure to include a description of the product. For example if you are selling a black pencil skirt on your site save the image as “black-pencil-skirt”. The key with this is to not use too many words or Google will count against you for keyword stuffing. In our example “black-pencil-skirt” would be a good one to use while “black-lace-pencil-skirt-with-pink-belt” would not be a good one for you to use.

When deciding on how to present your photos online remember that the larger the file is the more time it takes to download the image. Why does this matter? When a user does a search for “black-pencil-skirt” and they click on your website to view your image, if it takes more than a few seconds to download the user will get frustrated and leave your site to look at images that appear quickly on another site. Taking too long for the image to download can easily cost you a sale. Also, keep in mind that search engines prefer for images to be square, if you choose to use a rectangular photo, make sure it follows the golden ratio to enhance your chance for success.

You should also add alt tags to your images in a website or blog. These are words that appear when you hover over an image. It is generally used in case the image has difficulty loading. These are also read and indexed by search engines. When creating the alt tag for your photos follow the same guidelines as when you saved the image and keep your description here simple.

In the heading on your page use more generic words that the search engine will initially pick up and then use the surrounding words to be more descriptive. This will create more accurate searches for the user and the more accurate the searches are for your product the more likely they are to convert.

Now of course good quality photos are something that is crucial to being able to sell your products online and there are plenty of websites that offer tips on how to accurately take photos. They include lighting and other things to consider when taking product photos.

Images are floating around everywhere on the Internet, follow the above optimization tips and make sure your product photos are getting the most views and creating the most conversions for your online business.

Chelsie Ball

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