Facebook shop performance

How To Use Your Facebook Store Analytics Dashboard

Facebook shop performance

The ShopTab team has been working diligently to add value to your Facebook shop, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve released a new feature that allows you to track daily activity in your shop: The Analytics Dashboard

The Facebook shop dashboard we built is the best way to see how your store is performing.

It combines data on the number of daily page views in your store, the number of “Add to Cart” clicks, and the amount of social activity. You can even see the number of ShopTab promotions you’ve posted on your Facebook news feed.

Analytics full view

To access your Analytics Dashboard, login to your ShopTab account and click “Performance” next to Settings in your ShopTab admin.

Note: The current analytics dashboard is only available for “Modern Template” users (you can change your template under Settings/Store Design Options)

Facebook store analytics

From this page, you’ll be able to select the range of dates you’d like to view, allowing you to see data from specific time periods (great for seeing how your store performed during different times of the year, comparing sales on weekdays vs weekends, etc.)

Facebook shop analytics

You can also download a CSV file with the analytics data, allowing you to share the information or create your own analysis.

Facebook shop daily activity

From the data we’ve collected so far, there is a strong correlation between promotion of products on you Facebook news feed and the number of page views and “Add to Cart” clicks in your Facebook store. Businesses that promote consistently get more sales, and those that run “deals” and “specials” have even more success. Choose a strategy that works for your page and then measure the results in your Analytics Dashboard.

Have any questions? Send us a message on Facebook and we’ll help you out!

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