How To Set Up Your “Shop Now” Call-to-Action Button In Facebook

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Earlier this month, I wrote about the launch of Facebook’s new call-to-action buttons.

I’d seen the buttons on a few Facebook pages (Dollar Shave Club seemed to be the first Page Facebook tested the idea on), but it hadn’t been released to all Facebook pages yet.


Since then, Facebook has rolled out the feature to several Facebook Pages (including our page over at ShopTab). If you’d like to set up your call-to-action button, you’re in the right place. Follow the steps below to get your button set-up and start driving specific actions on your page.

As a reminder, the call-to-action button can say one of the following:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

You can’t customize the text of the call-to-action button, it has to be one of the above options.

Let’s go through the set-up step-by-step so you know exactly how it works.

Step 1: Click “Create Call-to-Action” next to the Like button on your Facebook cover photo

 Facebook Shop Now button

Step 2: Choose want you want your button to say

Keep in mind that some buttons come with little icons next to them (e.g. “Shop Now” has a little shopping cart)

Facebook Shop Now button

Facebook Shop Now button

Step 3: Insert the website URL you want the button to direct to

Facebook has provided a “Mobile Website” option here as well. If you’re website is already mobile-friendly you can just use the same link for both.

Here are complete instructions for getting your store link if you have a ShopTab Facebook store: ShopTab Call-to-action Setup

Facebook Shop Now button

Step 4: Specify destinations for iOS and Android

This is really only important for Pages that are trying to encourage mobile app downloads. If you’re not a mobile app, click the website option.

Facebook Shop Now button Facebook Shop Now button

Step 5: Check the link on your mobile phone

When we first added the button for our Facebook store, the call-to-action button on mobile did not show up immediately. If it doesn’t show up for you instantly, give it a couple hours and then come back to check again.

One of the most important aspects of this call-to-action feature if the fact that it shows up on mobile phones. That’s big for Facebook sellers who are looking to bring more attention to their Facebook shop.

One more thing

There was an interesting comment on our last post about the call-to-action buttons that asked a simple question: Why is Facebook doing this? It doesn’t seem like Facebook to want to redirect users away from Facebook.

While there are several possible answers, the most likely is that Facebook wants a way to provide measurable value for Facebook Pages. After you add your call-to-action button, you’ll notice that Facebook is counting the number of people who click it.

This means Facebook Pages can attribute their results directly to their Facebook page.

Instead of saying “We think our Facebook page leads to x action,” people can now say, “Our Facebook page led to x number of sign-ups last week,” or “x number of people downloaded our app from our Facebook page”.

Facebook wants to give you a measurable ROI.  It might also be a way for Facebook to boost the capabilities of their ad platform, but only time will tell.

We’ll be keeping an eye on our own call-to-action button in the next few weeks, but I’d love to hear about other Facebook pages.

Have you seen results after adding the button? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

P.S. If you want to add a “Shop Now” button to your page, but you don’t have a shop to direct people to, it might be a good time to set up your own Facebook shop


Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

Hi, I'm Zach! Welcome to the ShopTab blog, the best place to get the latest and greatest tips and tricks for Facebook selling and marketing your Facebook shop. Feel free to email me at zach (at) (yep, that's a real email) if you want to connect. I'd love to hear from you.

  • Where is this ‘create-call-to-action’ button? It does not show on my page anywhere, or under any menu option. Are we still waiting for it?

  • It sounds like Facebook hasn’t rolled it out to 100% of Pages yet. Our page just received it a few days ago, but some pages have had it for more than 1 month (Facebook tends to do this with new features). Keep checking your page – It should be available to everyone soon.

  • Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks for the How To information above too.

  • Hi Zach! Good to meet you! I have been trying to PROMOTE my Call To Action Button (join) & I keep receiving the following error:
    This image is too small. Please use a larger image. Minimum Size: 254 x 133 pixels Recommended Size: 1200 x 628 pixels
    Your ad cannot promote a Facebook destination. Please edit your call to action destination URL.

    Now.. I was able to rectify the picture part of the ERROR. However, I have my button set up to go directly to the Website. Which I would think it should, right? What destination am I supposed to put in there? I am terribly confused & frustrated. I’ve been going to forum after forum. Nobody has an answer. Please help! I’ve been doing this for a couple of weeks now

  • NVM!! I finally figured it out! It cannot have FACEBOOK in the website location. It had to be the direct website. Thanks!

  • Kevin Gralen

    Jen – you would need to use the URL that we provide in your ShopTab account into the Call To Action button. Here’s a link that will help.

  • Southerngirl

    Hi Zach – thank you for this article as it was very informative! I am trying to create a call to action “Shop Now” button on the left hand side of my Facebook company page under the cover photo not on the cover photo. Any idea how to do this? I’ve seen it on many company Facebook pages.

  • Kevin Gralen

    Facebook controls the location of the Call To Action button. We haven’t been able to determine exactly why they have it in different locations for some fan page types. You are speaking about the placement on the desktop, correct?

  • Celeste

    Hi Zach!
    I have been set up with the shop now button for a while but on my mobile phone if I click the “shop button call to action” to test out link and see my Etsy business page its a complete blank. I am stunned as it worked fine up until yesterday. I check this page often as I am always getting orders. Please advise! Thank you!!

  • Kevin Gralen

    Celeste – Try deleting and then adding the Call to Action button back in. We’ve noticed that once in a while the CTA button requires a reset. If you need further help after this, please send us a note at

  • Krypt

    Hi. I dont have my own website for my online shop. I only use Instagram. How do I create a Shop Now button and what Link shall I put? Thanks

  • Manoj

    Hi Zach, Nice article. I am trying to pass the logged in user email (username) and Full Name in the URL being called from the Call-to-Action Button. Is there any way to get this done? Basically, I have Contact Us button launch the company webpage with the URL structure below: (

  • I am interested in selling my photographic prints on Facebook, but I am not interested in handling the orders (processing, and delivery). Does ShopTab work directly with a photo processing company in this regard?

  • Sorry, we don’t work with a photo processing company directly. You would need to source that processing outside of ShopTab.

  • same pages add two buttons

  • Jay

    I think Jeanette meant that it doesn’t matter what we sell, can that be automated?

  • We do not have the ability to automate the processing and delivery.

  • Robin Normand

    I don’t have the “call to action” tab, it just has “send message” tab. Why don’t I have it??

  • Is this a fan or business page? Or are you looking at your personal profile page? Our app only works on a fan or business page, not on your personal page. I hope this helps.

  • Robin Normand

    I have a business page. I’m not sure what a fan page would be.

  • A fan page is a business page. Do you have an option that looks like this in the link below?

  • Robin Normand

    NO, i don’t have that either

  • Robin Normand

    here is my link if you want to look

  • All fan or business page should have a configurable button. What I see on your page is a “Send Message” blue button. That should be something you can edit and see a screen like the one here – You can change it from a request for a message to the option of “Make a Purchase or Donation” and the option below that would be the Shop Now option.

  • Robin Normand

    ugghh, i dont see how i can change it from “send a message” to “make a purchase or donation” where would i go to do that?

  • Are you on a desktop or a laptop? Making admin changes is best using one of those. If you are trying to do via a mobile it can be really frustrating.

  • radiostar

    Using the “CALL NOW” button it asks me to enter a phone number. OK so far. But it insists on the country prefix too! Which means it doesn’t work because OUR customers are IN country!

  • James Cemerun

    hello, how are you doing today?
    I have one question. While adding product in facebook page there is no option available for add link to checkout at website.
    what can be do?
    thank you in advanced.

  • Kevin Gralen

    I don’t see that you have a ShopTab app account. Are you using some other shop product? We are pretty unique in providing this option within a shopping cart app for your Facebook fan page.

  • Joe Taormino

    I am experiencing a similar issue. People on mobile phones could use my “Shop Now” button to get to our facebook store up until yesterday. I tried deleting and re-creating the Shop Now button, but there is no longer a space where you can enter in the “Mobile Website”. There is only ONE website entry field now. I cannot figure out how to get access back to mobile phone users who want to use the Shop Now button (it still works great for people on computers)

  • andi sukses
  • andi sukses
  • Yvonne Donofrio

    Is it possible to see the stats on who is pushing the buy now button?

  • No, there is only the ability to provide the counts of how many times the button is selected. We don’t have access to capture the users data. All data on store activity can be found under the “Performance” option.

  • Shanawar Shafiq

    Gone would be the days whenever buyers accustomed to oscillate through showroom in order to showroom in pursuit of the perfect vehicle. Using the current breakthroughs in technologies, the auto trends have began to change…. 4 wheel parts promo

  • lizzie

    Our shop now tab disappeared and I’m trying to set it back up but I cant find the url where or how do I find that

  • Log into ShopTab’s admin at You can do all your set up and connecting to your page there.

  • Melissa Christensen

    how does the shop now button work with shopping from your facebook page and not an external website

  • Kevin Gralen

    The Shop Now button would direct the user/buyer directly to the store application on your facebook fan or business page.

  • Maria Kettel Blouin

    I dont have a call to action button, so now what do I do?

  • If you have a Facebook Fan Page you will have a Call to Action button. Usually it is defaulted to a “Send Message” option. You can edit that button.

  • Donna Martin

    I did all the steps and included my payment plan and when I look on my FB pages I assigned this to, there is nothing there.

  • The shop is there as noted in this image –

    You’ll want to add the Shop Now button to your pages to draw all users, especially mobile users, to your store. Here is a link.

  • Angie Job

    I have my shop now button. My items entered. My bank account entered but when people go to finalize sale they get error. Is this just on mobile?

  • Hi there. Can you tell me your account ID #? I’ll go in and take a look to make sure all is set up correctly.

  • Angie Job
  • Angie Job

    Now I have people telling me they have messaged about the event and I am getting nothing.

  • Kevin Gralen

    Angie – I don’t believe you have a ShopTab account. I can see that on the A O K 5k page you have a Shop Now button but I don’t think you have a shop account with Facebook or with us (ShopTab). This is likely why it doesn’t work. If you have a ShopTab account, you need to provide to use the account ID # (top right when logged into admin) or your login email address.

  • Angie Job
  • Angie Job

    There is a shop tab