How To Set Up Your “Shop Now” Call-to-Action Button In Facebook

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Earlier this month, I wrote about the launch of Facebook’s new call-to-action buttons.

I’d seen the buttons on a few Facebook pages (Dollar Shave Club seemed to be the first Page Facebook tested the idea on), but it hadn’t been released to all Facebook pages yet.


Since then, Facebook has rolled out the feature to several Facebook Pages (including our page over at ShopTab). If you’d like to set up your call-to-action button, you’re in the right place. Follow the steps below to get your button set-up and start driving specific actions on your page.

As a reminder, the call-to-action button can say one of the following:

  • Book Now
  • Contact Us
  • Use App
  • Play Game
  • Shop Now
  • Sign Up
  • Watch Video

You can’t customize the text of the call-to-action button, it has to be one of the above options.

Let’s go through the set-up step-by-step so you know exactly how it works.

Step 1: Click “Create Call-to-Action” next to the Like button on your Facebook cover photo

 Facebook Shop Now button

Step 2: Choose want you want your button to say

Keep in mind that some buttons come with little icons next to them (e.g. “Shop Now” has a little shopping cart)

Facebook Shop Now button

Facebook Shop Now button

Step 3: Insert the website URL you want the button to direct to

Facebook has provided a “Mobile Website” option here as well. If you’re website is already mobile-friendly you can just use the same link for both.

Here are complete instructions for getting your store link if you have a ShopTab Facebook store: ShopTab Call-to-action Setup

Facebook Shop Now button

Step 4: Specify destinations for iOS and Android

This is really only important for Pages that are trying to encourage mobile app downloads. If you’re not a mobile app, click the website option.

Facebook Shop Now button Facebook Shop Now button

Step 5: Check the link on your mobile phone

When we first added the button for our Facebook store, the call-to-action button on mobile did not show up immediately. If it doesn’t show up for you instantly, give it a couple hours and then come back to check again.

One of the most important aspects of this call-to-action feature if the fact that it shows up on mobile phones. That’s big for Facebook sellers who are looking to bring more attention to their Facebook shop.

One more thing

There was an interesting comment on our last post about the call-to-action buttons that asked a simple question: Why is Facebook doing this? It doesn’t seem like Facebook to want to redirect users away from Facebook.

While there are several possible answers, the most likely is that Facebook wants a way to provide measurable value for Facebook Pages. After you add your call-to-action button, you’ll notice that Facebook is counting the number of people who click it.

This means Facebook Pages can attribute their results directly to their Facebook page.

Instead of saying “We think our Facebook page leads to x action,” people can now say, “Our Facebook page led to x number of sign-ups last week,” or “x number of people downloaded our app from our Facebook page”.

Facebook wants to give you a measurable ROI.  It might also be a way for Facebook to boost the capabilities of their ad platform, but only time will tell.

We’ll be keeping an eye on our own call-to-action button in the next few weeks, but I’d love to hear about other Facebook pages.

Have you seen results after adding the button? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

P.S. If you want to add a “Shop Now” button to your page, but you don’t have a shop to direct people to, it might be a good time to set up your own Facebook shop


Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • That likely means you are using Facebook’s product. You’ll need to contact them for support to address why the button isn’t working.

  • Ritza Elizabeth

    Hi Zack. I am pretty green. So I will try and get this as clear as possible. I have a art website with FASO. I believe I have a Facebook option? And a PayPal link. The newsletter option can also be linked to or be a blog of creating things for sale and just friendly info to mail out or offer …this said can I link this web. My Facebook store and any other all together? Is it just a matter of listing each link on each website or page? (2) I have a personal page let’s call that for Facebook and an Artsy one called Coyote Heart ( Southwest art & designs). I haven’t updated that cleanly and clearly, as i am doing to the newer website i mentioned, though yes absolutely that’s part of my home work this week. But I want to make that Artsy Page definitively one with a shop button and upgrade it for business ( it maybe already….) I am going to list a couple of things on Etsy, new to me….i tried it a long time ago. But I don’t have updated phone And soooo much greener and scared of the net a little. I am ready to catch up more. I do use Instagram a little and would more … Just trying to balance everything. Instagram seems to be connected to my personal Facebook page and i want to change it to the artsy one …but I had trouble doing that…. Would you be willing to follow up on these issues for my art I am going tonbe offering journals with my art designs on it ( a few on each journal perhaps with a surprize picture inside) my art-stickers and I wanna try and sell other stuff. Like cups and shirts and stationary with my art. Since there isn’t a middle place that warehouses, it’s me. Maybe you have some pointers? Also. If I go through Vista Print cups, shirts etc. Are kinda high. Can you suggest how I can navigate a cost effective relationship with a graphic place. Iron ons don’t last long though a full image as it washes & wears, gets worn down though it would take long time of abuse to disappear completely. Thanks for your time… I am Ritza @ swcoyoteheart@gmail or 4848927735/cell or just to see some collected work, TY. Zack and all posting.

  • visionofficer

    There is just one problem with this process. The Call to Action Button does not exist in my Facebook. I have three fan pages and one personal page. WHERE is the button?

  • visionofficer

    Nor do I. No matter how I search, all fan pages, etc. no Call to Action Button

  • Can you send us the URL’s the the fan pages? We’ll take a look and send a screen shot of where they are located on the page.

  • visionofficer
  • Laz Yong

    Hi. Is it possible for the ‘shop now’ button to link direct to my facebook store? I currently don’t have a website.
    Tq 🙂

  • Kevin Gralen

    Yes, the Shop Now button can you use the URL we provide inside of ShopTab that points directly to your store. You can do all of your commerce inside of Facebook.

  • Kevin Gralen

    The “Learn More” button is the current call to action button. You can edit that button to be your Shop Now button.

  • Nina Sherman

    I have a Facebook page that I put a shop Now button on that will take me to my Group page but I wanted this Shop Now button to go to my albums in my Group. Some sites are doing this…

  • You would need to specify the URL for the albums page and see if that works.

  • Kay VanMetre Floyd

    I don’t have a call to action button on my FB and on my FB page, I have a button that says “Shope now” but when I click on it to edit it, it just sets there and won’t come up.

  • You may want to try another browser or device. The option to edit that button should be presented.

  • Emilia Todorova

    Can somebody point me where the *#ll is that button ?

    the page is and we have an online store

  • Kevin Gralen

    Here it is on your page –

  • Emilia Todorova

    Thanks. Any idea how to be with a cart pic, not only text ?

  • That is a Facebook feature and we can’t edit or control it. Currently, it is only a text option.

  • Emilia Todorova

    Thanks Zach . You were very kind and helpful

  • Angela Crick Lamb

    I have set up my Facebook store with shop now section… But there is no shopping cart option for customer… Therefore they have to make multiple transactions for different products…. Am I missing something?

  • Can you send us a note at and let us know your login email or account #? We’ll respond to you quickly. We were unable to look up your account in our system base upon your name.

  • Lizzy Shanika

    I am trying to set up my shop now button, I do not have an external website. I have seen other vendors have their shop now buttons stay on Facebook. How do I set up my products to be sold on Facebook through the shop now button?

  • Jason N Samantha Taylor

    Is this information still accurate? I am trying to update the link to an external site. I have seen it on others pages where when you click shop now it takes you to an external site but I cannot figure out how to do that.

  • Jack Hayes

    Hey Zach. I have a small issue, when I enter the URL for the Shop Now button and click on SAVE, I can use the pull down menu on the Shop Now button and that works, but if I just click on the button, it brings me to the “add a button to your page” page. Nothing is saved and the button acts like I never made any changes. Can you help me? The URL is our company’s website..

  • lynda

    I think I have the shop section set up correctly for our salon, however, how do we get the funds?

  • Tricia Sutton

    What if my business page has no “call-to-action” listed anywhere?

  • tina long

    When I was creating my page there was an option for shop now I didn’t have a website at the time till link to it now I do and I cannot add the shop now button anywhere it has completely disappeared I don’t have a button that says take action why now is it gone just because I set my page up already I should still be able to go back and add my but I just took 2 weeks to set up a website with my products and now I can’t link my website to my Facebook business page I’m very frustrated and wanna start selling my items how can I fix this

  • Kathy Barker Gantz

    How do I get to the information that my customers entered on the Shop Now button.

  • Cate McNeal

    Please can anyone help??
    In a clients FB shop, each product has a button for ‘message’. This needs changing to ‘shop now’ or similar as we can’t verify the page or products for Instagram shopping until that’s done. But I can’t see any way I can change it for them.
    I’v tried everything, all settings, and can’t see how to do it.

  • Toni Willingham

    I started a business page and I added a shop now button. It worked for a week but has since stopped. It keeps throwing an error message when I try to add the link. UNTIL I GET THIS FIXED I’M STUCK! PLEASE HELP!!

  • Jo Close

    I have a business page on Facebook. I have created a shop now button on it. The button works on desktop computers and apple devices. However, it does not work on adroid phones. It either takes you to a error page or says the website may not be secure. The website is secure. Please help fix this issue

  • Christian naut florez

    Hi Zach. I have one question that’ll really appreciate if you can answer it: is it possible to add a call to action button on Facebook MARKETPLACE post? I looked everywhere and all the posts talk about adding it to your Facebook shop page or Facebook personal page, but nothing on Facebook marketplace. Thank you for any help you can provide.

  • Lorena R Dennison

    How do I add a shop now button on my facebook business page

  • Rob

    As of this morning my Shop Now button is diverting to a scam site requesting card details. This is only happening on mobile phones. We have removed the button and put it back again but it is still happening. Any idea what we shouild do next?

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