How To Set Up PayPal Shipping In Your Facebook Store: 8 Steps

PayPal Shipping For Facebook Store

If you’ve already built a Facebook store, or are looking to start selling on Facebook, PayPal can be a powerful tool.

With a PayPal cart, you don’t have to worry about managing your shipping or taxes inside of your Facebook store provider. You just go into PayPal, update your information, and then it’s reflected directly in your Facebook shop’s checkout page.

I wrote earlier this year about why ShopTab chose PayPal as a cart provider, and one of the main reasons is the added level of security for your information and information of your customers. If you choose to use a provider outside of PayPal, make sure you know where the information is stored and how they handle possible security issues (seriously, call them).

I wanted to take some time in this update to show you how to customize the shipping options inside of PayPal so you’ll be ready to go when you start selling on Facebook.

It’s important to note here, PayPal settings vary by location, so this guide is primarily for US-based sellers. If you’re reading this and thinking you’d like a similar guide for outside of the US, just let me know in the comments. I’d be happy to write more for different locations if there’s enough interest.

Alright, let’s jump right in.

Step 1: Login to PayPal and click Tools at the top of your navigation.

Note: If you’re using an older version of PayPal, you may have to click a button that says Profile/My Selling Tools

Facebook store PayPal 1

Step 2: Click “Shipping Calculations” under the “Manage Your Business” section

Facebook store PayPal

Step 3: Click “Start”

If you get confused on this step, I can’t help you.

Facebook store PayPal setup

Step 4: Choose Domestic or International Shipping, then click “Add New Shipping Method”

For this example, I’m pretend like my Facebook store only ships in the US.

Facebook store Paypal add shipping method

Step 5: Choose where you want to ship your products.

In this case, I want to ship to All States and Territories. To choose that option, click “Add”, then click “Continue”

PayPal shipping 5

Step 6: Set up your shipping method, delivery time, and shipping rates

There are several options for shipping method. Most Facebook stores will use “Economy” or “Ground” unless you want to provide an expedited option for your customers. We also recommend 3-5 business days for shipping (if you plan to ship the item within 1 day of the order and if you’re not shipping something huge like a box of bricks).

This example is shipping set up by “Total order amount” which means the shipping is calculated based on the total $ value of the order. In the grid below, you can specify what rates will be applied to what ranges of values.

For example, if someone buys something that costs $75.00, they’ll end up paying $9.95 in shipping (I also made orders over $100.00 with free shipping… people love free shipping. In fact, it’s one of the most effective types of promotions)

Can’t decide how much to charge for shipping? Most postage companies will have free shipping calculators (here’s the shipping calculator for USPS)

PayPal shipping 6

Step 7: Check the details you just put in, and click “Save Shipping Method”

PayPal shipping 7

Step 8: Add another shipping method (if you need one)

Many of our brick-and-mortar Facebook store clients like to add a “Store Pickup” option for their customers. This is a great way to drive foot traffic from your Facebook shop to your physical store. Click “Add another method” if you want to add this option, then select “Store Pickup” under the shipping methods section.

PayPal shipping 8


Step 9: You’re all set!

The shipping methods you’ve added in PayPal will now automatically be added to purchases in your Facebook store. When an order is placed, you’ll be able to see what method the customer chose, and where you need to ship the item (customer name, address, etc. will all be included in the purchase email from PayPal)

This is what your customers will see on the checkout page. Notice that this is where the customer will be able to select which shipping method they want.

PayPal shipping 9


You’re ready to start selling! If you have questions about your Facebook store shipping with PayPal, just let me know in the comments. I’m giving free Facebook store audits until the end of the month and I’d be happy to help you out with your set-up.

You can also message us on Facebook.

Happy selling!



Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • Simon Van Lierde

    Hi Zach any idea how to setup location-based shipping cost ? I am based in Belgium that might be an issue with the interface I see here (check the image 😉 )

  • Simon Van Lierde

    and the image is here

  • Kevin Gralen

    Simon – every country has different options with PayPal’s shipping options. Sorry that I can’t give you a clear answer on how to do this specifically for each country.

  • Scott

    Hey Zach, I followed your exact steps above, but my shipping calculations are not showing up in my facebook checkout screen. I have not published my store “Live” yet. would that be the problem? I wanted to test everything first before I published it live. Do I need to do something within my Facebook store to pull in my PayPal shipping calculations?

  • Kevin Gralen

    Did you set up your rules inside of PayPal and not inside of ShopTab? If that is the case, you’ll have to go through the buying process to where you put in the shipping address before you will see PayPal’s shipping charge. You should have the ability to test everything before you go live.

  • Nitsuj Carson

    Does it take time for this method to replace the facebook shops? I’m waiting for it to. I cant get facebook to show anything but the initial method of pricing for facebooks way of choosing shipping.

  • We are an alternative to the option inside of Facebook. Our shipping options are available for you to use in addition to any provided by PayPal inside of their local option.

  • chan talley

    Is it going to take a long time for this approach to completely replace Facebook shops? I’m hoping it will. I’m unable to get Facebook to display anything other than the basic manner of pricing for Facebook’s shipping options 2 player games.