How to Set Up a Facebook Page and an Ecommerce App

If you are running a business it is important that your company has a presence on social media. A quick and easy place for you to start is to create a Facebook business page.

1.       To create a Facebook business page go to: Here you will be asked what type of page you would like to create. Generally the best one to choose here is “Local Business or Place,” please review the other options just in case those suit you better.

2.       After you click “Local Business or Place” you will be asked to select your business category along with your company information such as name of the business, address, and phone number. If for some reason your category isn’t listed you can always choose “local business.” You then have to agree to Facebook Pages Terms and click “get started”.

3.       Once the initial setup is complete you will asked to add categories and provide a description. This will help bring up your page in search results. Be sure to add a link to your website here as well if you have one. You do have a character limit for the description so make the most of your description. On this page you can also choose a unique Facebook address that makes it easier for people to find you. We suggest using your business name or a main product.


4.       The next step is adding your logo into the profile picture.

5.       After you have added the logo, you will be given the option to reach more people. This is where you can create a Facebook Ad and set your daily budget so you can get fans; this is a quick way to get fans and to sell any products through your Facebook page. If you are not ready at this time to start using Facebook Ads for your page then you can skip this section.

You have now completed the setup of your page. You should add more information to your page such as a cover photos (larger photo at the top of the page) and more images of your office and/or products and team. You can easily add a cover photo by clicking the button towards the top that says “Add a cover.”


Once the page has been created you can click the “About” that is listed right below your description. Here you are able to modify the business information that you provided previously as you did the initial setup. If you hover over the “About” section you will see a pencil icon in the upper right corner, you should click this as it allows you to add additional information. Here you are able to make sure all your categories are correct, you can add in your hours of operation which is especially important if you have a physical location. We also recommend entering a long description of your business and making the page official for your brand.


If your Facebook page is for a company that sells products, as many as you should also consider adding a Facebook store app to your page so that fans who are viewing your page can shop there as well. You can add a Facebook shop to your store pretty easily. For our example I am going to take you through adding the ShopTab app to a Facebook page, most apps in general can be added the same way.

First if you go to their website you can see a button for “Start Your Free Trial”. You will then see an orange button to start your free trial.  Fill in the appropriate information to get started, you will need to remember your email address and password for future logins.

Once you have done the initial setup up you will be able to login for the first time. After you have registered you will be offered the opportunity to add the app to your designated page. You can do that anytime, but we recommend doing that when you first login. You will then be prompted to provide ShopTab permission to place the app on your page. You should click okay to allow on each of the 2 to 3 dialog boxes they provide. Once the app is successfully placed on your page the app icon should appear as it does below. You can also customize the name and image that is shown for your app. There are many other customizations and setups that the Facebook store app will allow you to make.

You can easily setup a Facebook business page and add photos to your page to create interest for your fans. If you offer products then you should consider adding a Facebook shop to your business page. This will enable your customers to shop directly from your Facebook page and they won’t have to bounce around between your Facebook page and your website. If you do offer products and you do not currently have an ecommerce site you can easily make those products available to customers through Facebook.

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