How to Set a Fixed Dollar Discount in Your Facebook Store

Facebook store promotion

We recently rolled out our Facebook store promotion code tool, and now all of our Facebook shop users are able to create customized promotion codes for their customers.

Promotion codes are great selling tools. They highlight your products, drive more sales, and help you create customer loyalty.

Creating a promotion code in your Facebook shop is simple and easy. Here are the types of promotion codes you can offer:

1. Percentage Discount

Example: Take 15% off the price of your items for a special Saturday sale

2. Fixed Amount Discount

Example: Everyone who orders $100 worth of items in your store gets $15 off their order price.

In this guide, I’m going to show you how to create Option #2: the fixed amount discount. Follow these steps and you’ll have your first fixed amount promotion code ready in no time.

1. Login to your ShopTab account and select the Promotion Codes link under the Promotion drop-down menu

facebook shop promotion code

2. Choose a name for your promotion code (this is what you will distribute to your customers)

You can share the code on your Facebook page or give it to a select number of your customers via email or private message.

facebook shop promotion code

3. Select the Fixed Discount bubble and enter the amount of the discount.

This will be the whole number that is taken off the total purchase price of the items in your customer’s cart. Don’t worry about adding a currency symbol. We’ll use the same currency you already have set up under Settings/Buyer Checkout Options.

In this case, we set up a fixed discount for $10.

facebook shop fixed discount


4. Set a threshold for the discount

With the fixed amount discount, you can create a Threshold Option, allowing you to create a minimum purchase level before the discount is applied.

In this case, we set the threshold at $100, meaning the $10 fixed discount is only applied if the customer spends $100.

facebook store discount


5. Click the save discount button

Facebook shop promotion code

You’ve officially created a fixed discount!

You can now add additional codes using the “add new code” button or delete an old code with the “Delete code” button.

Facebook shop discount code

Have questions about promotion codes? Let us know by sending an email to




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