How To Manage Your Facebook Store Orders

RECIPES FORIf you’ve already set up your Facebook shop, published it to your page and are ready to start selling, you may be wondering, “What happens when I sell something? How will I know?”

The answer depends on what type of checkout you’re using. At ShopTab, we offer three different checkout types for our users:

1. Integrated Cart (with PayPal)

2. Cash-on-delivery

3. Connect to an existing site

Each type of checkout results in a different type of order notification. Let’s take a look at how you manage orders with the Integrated Cart option.

Integrated Cart

Whenever a purchase is made using our Integrated Cart, you’ll receive an immediate email notification from PayPal that an order has been completed and payment received. The details for the order (the customer name, the items purchased, etc.) will be displayed in the email message.  This email will go to your email address noted in your PayPal profile under “My Selling Tools”

When you login to PayPal, you’ll see the most recent transaction on the home page, including the amount of the transaction and the customer information.

PayPal notification 1



You can then click on the order/payment item for full details as noted below. Included is the product title, quantity, SKU (if used) and any options provided such as size or text input.



You’ll also be able to see the shipping options in PayPal for this item. In the example below, the user selected the economy option defined in your PayPal shipping settings.  If you need some help setting up shipping, refer to our 8-step shipping guide.

Use the links at the bottom of the page to print shipping labels and things like packing slips.

Note: These options will depend on which country your PayPal account resides.

PayPal notification 3


If you’re looking for more details on financial records or sales reports, you can click on the “More” option at the top of the page and select “Reports.”

PayPal notification 4

PayPal notification 5

Cash On Delivery

If you’re using our cash on delivery checkout option, all order notifications are send to the email associated with your ShopTab account. The orders will include information about the sale and any information included in your cash on delivery form.

You can then login to your ShopTab account and select Settings/Checkout Options/COD to see the sales report for any of your COD orders.


Existing Site

If you’ve connected ShopTab to an existing site, you’ll have to view your sales details through the site that you’ve connected to (since that’s where the actual transaction takes place). However, you’ll still be able to view your Facebook store analytics through your ShopTab account.

If you have any questions about sales notifications or reporting, feel free to reach out at



Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • Rumana Saiyed

    How do i notify the buyer about the shipped product?

  • You can send them an email or send a notification through the PayPal gateway.

  • Frances Miller

    I am using Pay Pal as my method of payment. I made a purchase tonight with a different Facebook account to see how it works but I have not receive any update on Facebook or Pay pal saying I have an order, although i got a confirmation email for the order? Is something wrong? Does it take time to process?

  • Kevin Gralen

    You will receive a confirmation as the buyer from PayPal and you should see a receipt of the sale as the Seller to your email address on that PayPal account. Check to make sure you email notifications are on in your PayPal account. Also, check your spam filter. Hope that helps.

  • When I first set this up, stripe was the only option for payments. When I try to switch it to paypal, it gives me an error. I do NOT get notifications of sales at all – had one customer finally contact me thru the shop customer service email which I did get, but no clue how to get a notice of the sale when it happens???

  • Are you using ShopTab? We never supported Stripe, only PayPal’s gateway for credit, debit and Paypal payments. If you have a ShopTab account, either send us the Account ID # (top right of your admin) or a support ticket at We’ll respond immediately.