How to Get Your Posts Seen on a User’s Facebook News Feed

Are you looking to be more active on Facebook and increase your user engagement? There are tricks and tips you can use to get your business seen on Facebook’s news

Before tackling Facebook it is important to consider the types of user interactions that are available on Facebook and which are more beneficial for your business. Facebook engagement includes likes, comments, and shares of a post or image. One of the most critical things you can do with your business page is encourage your current fans to be engaged with your page.  You can review your Facebook Insights to see what types of posts are doing best with your current fans.

When your fans are more engaged with your page their friends are able to see your content. When you like, comment, or share your activity shows up in your news feed which is viewable to all your friends. In turn when your current fans are more interactive with your page the more of your content is put in their news feed for all of their friends to see. This will increase your company’s exposure and give you a great opportunity to gain new fans, for FREE!

This is especially useful if you have a Facebook store and are looking to promote your products for a holiday or if you are offering a product at a discount for a limited time. This can generate buzz about your product and will help to increase user activity, which will enable friends of your fans to see your products. If you are using a social deal app with a built in fan gate you can generate new fans, as they must “Like” your business page in order to see your discounted products.

One other very helpful tip is to ask your fans to check the “Get Notifications” option under your Like button on your fan page.  This way they will receive notification every time you post or update the page.


Be sure that when you are posting promotions, text posts, images, etc that you are not just posting and leaving the post unattended. Make sure you are sticking around to view and respond to any comments. You should interact with all comments that are left on your page. Fans will be more engaging with your business when they see you are sticking around to engage with them.

It is important to analyze what types of post are the getting the most user activities on your page. You can also take a look at comparing days of the week and times during the day when your posts get the most exposure. Keep track of the time and days you are posting as well as what type of content results in the most engagement.

One last thought. Many successful Facebook Fan Page managers will selectively pay Facebook to promote their posts. The “Boost Post” option can be a great way to extend your audience and make sure your fans see a post that may be important.  We recommend that you think about doing this with posts that show high levels of engagement. If it creates a high level of engagement, it is likely to be more valuable to your fans and their friends.  Any time we release a major feature or update we use this option to make sure our clients are aware of these opportunities.


A major tip to gaining exposure and getting fans to share and interact with your page is to create useful and interesting content. See what your fans are interested in and tailor your content to what they are searching for. Some users are looking to be informed, some are looking to be entertained, and some are looking to get their questions answered. Be sure that your content is in line with what customers are seeking.



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