How to Engage Your Audience With Your Facebook Store

Some of you may have noticed a new feature that is available to your Facebook storefront. The “Get Your Friends Advice,” is a new share feature to boost your social impact through your Facebook store. With this feature it allows your products to be prominently placed in the social playing field – your user’s wall. Fans sell to other fans, the more visible your product the more viral it becomes.

If you utilize the share feature it will allow for more interaction between your fans and their friends. Once it’s been shared they will be allowed to comment on the item and share with more friends. Selling on Facebook is about turning the experience into a social discussion. People are looking to make a connection and you need to connect them to your brand.

Another aspect of the share feature is it helps a Facebook store manager to leverage their presence on Facebook. If people are engaged about the product they will be inclined to buy as well as recommend. In the social selling world if consumers can’t see it they are less likely to buy it. Once the dialogue box pops up for the share button the potential client has the chance to turn your product into a conversation piece. For example, you as the merchant can share a product and ask your fans their opinion in order to engage in feedback.

To activate the “Get Your Friends Advice” button in your store, go to your admin page and click on “Settings,” then the “Customize” tab and then click on the dialog box named “Display the share on wall button.” You can change the wording of the button as well as the dialogue in the pop up box. You can be as creative as you want, whatever you think will engage your audience. The goal is engagement – that is the key to social selling. What do you think some of the key elements to F-Commerce are? Sound off in the comment box below!


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