How to Embed a Facebook Post on Your Website

Facebook has all kinds of tips and tricks, but one that most people don’t know about is the ability to embed you Facebook pages on a website through code that you can find on Facebook.

Facebook embed post example

Embedding a post is a great way to drive traffic from you website to your Facebook store, and Facebook makes the process pretty simple (even if you don’t have a lot of technical experience).

To start, visit your Facebook business page, and make sure you’re logged in as an admin of the page. Choose a post that you’d like to embed and then click the drop-down arrow in the top right corner of the post. Then click the “Embed Post” link.

Note: Only public posts from Facebook Pages and profiles can be embedded.

Facebook store embed post


After clicking “Embed Post” you’ll see a pop-up that looks like this. This is the code that you’ll add to your website to create the embedded post.

Facebook store embed post

Before you copy/paste the code, you may want to click the “Learn More” button for a full page that details exactly how you can add the code to your site.

Facebook store embed code


There are two ways you can add the embed to your site. You can add the code you copied/pasted directly to your site or you can use Facebook’s Code Generator to adjust the size of the embed and generate a more custom piece of code.

Facebook store code generator

While the code that’s generated can be intimidating, Facebook shows you exactly how to add the embed code to your site. You can see examples for WordPress, custom websites, and more.

Facebook store embed code

Once you have the embed on your site, you can add other Social Plugins to your website, like video embeds or Facebook comments. Embedding posts on your site is a great way to drive website traffic to your Facebook page, and it’s perfect for driving more Facebook sales.

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