How To Edit Facebook Tab Image and Name in 6 Easy Steps

For those that have upgraded their Facebook Fan page to the most recent Facebook format a new feature not well known is the ability to customize the name and image of your Facebook store app tab. You can make your tab say Shop, Buy Now, Search, or anything you’d like (with any image you’d like). You also have the ability to move the tab so it appears right under your cover photo.

Justin’s Nut Butter does an excellent job with Facebook tab customization. Here’s a preview:

Custom Tab 1

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t already, you’ll have to upgrade your Fan Page to the new layout before the application below will work on your Fan Page. Many Pages will see a big banner at the top of their Page announcing the upgrade.It’s important to understand and fully utilizethe features of the new layout.

Here are the 6 steps on how to edit & customize your Facebook Tab for your ShopTab page:

Step 1:

Log into Facebook and then visit your Facebook Business Page

Step 2:

On your Facebook Fan Page click onSettings at the top of the page.

Custom Tab 2

Step 3:

Click on Apps in the option list.

Custom Tab 3

Step 4:

ClickEdit Settings under the tab you want to customize.

Custom Tab 4

Step 5:

Select Change to upload your own image and type in custom tab text.

Note:Image size needs to be 110 x 74 pixels

Custom Tab 5

Step 6:

Facebook will show an image preview, and you can save your changes.

Custom Tab 6


Here’s an added tip. To move the Facebook tabs around under your cover photo (so people can see your Facebook shop without scrolling down your page), selectMore and then clickManage Tabs:

Custom Tab 8

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a custom tab for you ShopTab Facebook shop.

Don’t forget to promote your store to your followers and like ShopTab’s Facebook page for daily tips and news on social commerce.

  • Ann
  • Jay Feitlinger

    Ann – looks great. Thanks!

  • Ashish

    Are there any API ‘s available for the same?

  • but we need the admin access then we change the custom tab otherwise its impossbile

  • Steve

    Just change our tab name over…thanks for the easy directions!


  • Glad it helped. Feel free to use our FAQ’s or post any questions at for help on setting up or managing your Facebook Store.

  • I dont know how to deal with this. Seems Facebook made a new change in the editing of the Applications 🙁 I can’t edit the name. I did edit the older ones but when I add new ones or want to edit an existing one, I just can’t find where to edit 🙁

  • I just checked and was able to edit both old and new application names. I hope you are able to figure it out. Sorry we couldn’t help more. Are you trying to change the name on ShopTab or another application?

  • Murphymog

    how do I change the currency in my shop from US dollars to UK pounds if I use the ‘settings’ then click ‘edit business info’ I am not given any option to change currency…

  • It’s actually under the Settings tab then click on Store Design. It will be the first thing you see on that page.

  • It’s actually under the Settings tab then Store Design. It will be the first thing you see on that page. Just select your currency from the drop down box and hit update.

  • Alexis

    I am trying to change the image that appears once you click on the tab itself. Any pointers? I can’t seem to find an option for that!

  • Alexis

    Just to be clear not that picture on the tab… the picture that appear once you are in the tab 🙂

  • Do you mean the banner that is on the top of each shop page? If so, you can change the banner under “Settings” and then “Store Design” in ShopTab’s admin. Does that help?

  • Alexis

    Thank you for the quick response. No, not the banner. So we have our photos tab, contact us tab, instagram tab, and then a unique tab that we named UFC. When you click on our UFC tab the picture that immediately pops up to represent that tab is really outdated and I want to switch it but there doesn’t seem to be an option for that when i follow the above instructions. Any ideas?

  • Can you send the link to that FB page or the actual tab URL?

  • Just changed my page over. 🙂

    Thank you So much dude 🙂

  • Kevin Gralen

    Glad it helped.

  • Brett Anderson

    I wish it was this easy to add a custom tab to Facebook now. They changed it and it is not easy. I wan to add a tab that says buy a cheap X26 Taser for my non lethal self defense device company but it is ridiculously hard to do now.

  • Derek Saraiva

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