How To Create a Promotion Code in Your Facebook Shop

ShopTab promotion codes

We’re excited to announce our latest ShopTab feature: the ability to add promotion codes.

Promotion codes are incredibly selling tools. They draw attention to your products, encourage more of your fans to purchase items, and help you retain customers.

If you’re using ShopTab’s integrated cart to sell in your Facebook shop, you now have the ability to create unlimited promotions codes to support your social marketing activities.

The types of promotion codes you can offer are:

1. Percentage Discount

Example: Take 15% off the price of your items for Cyber Monday

2. Fixed Amount Discount

Example: Everyone who orders $50 worth of items in your store gets $10 off their order

For both the percentage discount and the fixed amount discount, you can create a Threshold Option, allowing you to create a minimum purchase level before the discount is applied.

Example: 20% off all purchases of more than $100

To learn more about implementing promotion codes in your Facebook shop (and see some common questions) visit our FAQ on promotion codes here.

If you’d like to create a promotion for just one item in your store, you can still do that by using our surcharge/discount feature outlined here.

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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