How to Create a Daily Deal Using SharedDeal

Halloween is right around the corner and many people are looking for last minute deals on Halloween items, let’s make sure all of you e-commerce moguls capitalize on this market. In our last blog post we went into how to create a promotion through a Facebook Store; and now we can narrow that down to a specific app that enables you to create this promotion in a social deal app, called SharedDeal. This application makes it easy for you to offer special daily deals on certain products. Here’s how it works:

  1. When you register for your SharedDeal account you will be prompted to add the application to your Fan Page. From there choose which page you would like to have it added to. You can then configure your check out and payment system using your PayPal account, which allows consumers to pay via credit card, debit card, or PayPal payments in up to 24 currencies.
  2. You can then add a product with its information into the application.
  3. Choose to add an image to your product listing. To do this go to Settings/Fan Gate option and you will be able to add in a customized image. This application will support up to 4 product images.
  4. The app will automatically know when you are sold out of a product and will display a SOLD OUT image once this occurs. This is able to happen because you can control the inventory numbers within the app and SharedDeal automatically tracks when you have sold the designated number.
  5. You can set up your shipping and tax information.
  6. Now that you have your store up and running you will want to promote your product. Simply click the “promote” link and news of your product will automatically go on your fan’s newsfeed.

Take a look at our sample page to see how the promoted product will look:


You can see on the sample page that the app supports 4 images of your product and shows the retail price compared to the daily deal price. This app offers features such as a deadline or a countdown clock; this increases the urgency to purchase the product. You can also see that there are social media outlets that can be used to help you promote your daily deal; share them on your most popular social networking sites.

You can use this app to create deals that are exclusive to your Facebook fans, which will help create a buzz about your products to your current fans and will encourage them to share their deals with people who are not yet fans. It is also effective to use the daily deal method when you have an overstock of items or if your products are out of season, it gives fans one final shot at getting an item at a discounted price. This app is a great way to introduce a new product; you can do a limited time offer on a brand new product which will assist in promoting that product for when you introduce it into your store at retail.

With the holidays around the corner, a daily deal is the perfect way to showcase products and capitalize on those time sensitive markets. To learn more about how to set up your daily deal, check out our How-To-Guide. Happy Daily Deals!

Chelsie Ball

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