How to Attract More Likes to Your Facebook Fan Page

Setting up a business page on Facebook is a relatively easy process. The challenge that you will face once the page is complete is getting users to “Like” your page. There are a number of avenues that you can use to attract likes to your page.  We recommend to all those new to building up a fan page to use multiple methods and we believe the ideas below are the best options to quickly build up your social presence in Facebook.

1.       Invite Friends to “Like” Your Page

This is a great way to get fans to your page when your page is first built. It allows you to tap into the personal network that you already have on Facebook. The invite feature allows you to ask certain friends or all friends to like your business page. This feature can be found at the top of your admin panel under “Build Audience”. Invite your friends and ask them to invite their friends.invite_friends

2.       Email Your Existing Customers

Inviting your email contacts to like your business page is also an integrated feature of Facebook. This feature allows you to send out a mass email to your database asking them to like your page. You can see that function of Facebook in the image above titled “Invite Email Contacts”. Once you choose that option a dialog box will appear where you can choose which email contacts to invite. email contacts

3.       Run a Contest

Creating a contest hosted on your business page is a great way to create buzz about your fan page. You can run a contest through a Facebook app such as offerpop. You can also now run a contest directly through your business page as long as the rules and restrictions are properly outlined and that the ways to win are made clear. If you are new to Facebook contests we suggest using an app just to make sure you are complying with Facebook terms for contests.

4.       Add a Fan Gate

What is a Fan Gate? Fan gates (also referred to as like gates) have users “Like” a page before they can see the posts, contests, or products that are offered on an application inside of your fan page. You do this by adding an app to your page. If you want to display different information to fans you can use ShortStack; if you are looking to promote a Facebook store or a daily deal you should use an app specifically for that such as ShopTab for your Facebook store or SharedDeal for your daily deal. All these apps are equipped with optional fan gates that will prompt users to like your page before they can view your deals or products. Below you can see an example of a fan gate for a Facebook store using the ShopTab app. fangate_example

5.       Use Other Social Channels

Letting your whole network know that you have created a Facebook business page is another way to drive likes to your page. Generally you have different contacts in each of your social media networks so be sure to let them know that your page exists and ask them to like your page. A few social media channels in particular you can focus on are Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and LinkedIn.

6.       Incorporating Into Your Email Signature Line

Incorporating a “Like us on Facebook” feature in your signature line will ensure that everyone you are emailing will see that you have a business page on Facebook. Another bonus of using this in your signature is generally the people you are emailed are interested in your products and services so they will be more likely to go Like your page. Be sure that you are including a link to your business page from the signature to make it easy for your contacts to like the page. You can easily add this function into your signature line; you can see the example below. facebook_signature_ex

7.       Use Facebook Ads

In previous articles, we have discussed how Facebook Ads can be utilized to driving traffic and likes to a Facebook page. Many times Facebook Ads are used to offer product or service discounts to consumers. When you pair Facebook ads with a Fan Gate it especially efficient in attracting new likes to your page. Use the Facebook ads to draw attention to your products by offering attractive deals to users. Once they come to look at your products they will use the fan gate feature and drive up your likes. To see more on how to create a Facebook Ad visit our previous article: “Use Facebook Ads to Drive Sales in Your Facebook Shop”.

8.       Adding the “Like” Capability to Your Website and Blog

This allows anyone that is visiting your website or reading your blog to be able to easily like your Facebook page without leaving the content they are looking at. This is an easy way for you to gain more fans and a benefit of this avenue just like email signatures is that you are capturing likes from users who are interested in your products or services. Below you can see an example of adding the multiple social plugins to your blog, including the Facebook “Like” feature. You can easily add these through your blogs platform. blog_socialplugins

Building your social presence is a critical step in building your brand for all organizations. A plan that incorporates many of the ideas above will be important to see a quick build-up of your fans and followers.  Let us know if you have other ideas that have worked for your organization.

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