Facebook Store Security

How Secure Is Your Facebook Store?

Facebook Store Security

As more and more people make purchases online, the issues surrounding online security become increasingly important — Google, Sony, Target and other retails have been targets of recent hacking, and electronic fraud isn’t going away any time soon. Financial transactions are the backbone of e-commerce, but that makes fraud at a large scale much easier.

That’s why many customers are still hesitant to use their personal information and credit cards to make purchases online, and Facebook storecustomersare no exception. If you use a Facebook shop platform without proper security verification, you may be putting yourself and your customers at risk. What payment provider are you using for your store? Do you know if your customer’s information is stored or where it is stored? Have you taken the steps necessary to prevent a security breach? The last thing you want to hear isthat your information (or your customer’s information) is in the hands of someone who wants to take advantage of your shop.

When we built our Facebook store platform, ShopTab, we wanted to ensure all transactions would be secure. One of the measures we took was using PayPal for our payment provider. All of our online transactions are put through PayPal’s “security gauntlet”, which includes:

1. Account Protection for Buyers– customers aren’t liable for unauthorized purchases made from their account if they report an eligible incident within 60 days.

2. Protection for Sellers -if you think you’ve been sent an unauthorized payment from a hacked account, or if a buyer claims they never received their item, PayPal’s Seller Protection “covers you for the full amount of the payment on eligible sales.”

3. Responsive Support – full support for suspicious activity, phishing, identity theft and more, for both buyers and sellers.

We encourage all of our Facebook store sellers to take additional measures to protect their business, including proof of delivery and moving quickly when theymight notice suspicious activity.

Since we use PayPal for our buyer and seller financial transactions, we don’t store any of your information or the information of your customers on our Facebook storeservers. The information is sent directly to PayPal, where it is stored safely and backed up with a team of thousands of employees working to prevent fraud and hackers.

If you have questions about the security of your Facebook store transactions or about what we’ve done at ShopTab to prevent fraud, drop us a comment below or message us on Facebook.


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