Holiday Shopping tips for your Facebook Shop

As July starts coming to a close the last thing on your mind is the holiday season. Itís still 100 degrees outside – how can anyone get in the seasonal spirit? Well as merchants you all know the value of getting your store fronts and products prepared early since what’s planned in July and August impacts sales in October, November, and December. This principal applies to social selling in your Facebook Shop as well.

Here is a quick rundown of things to think about to prevent your holidays from turning into a holidaze!

-††††††††† PRODUCTS: Start thinking about the products you want to place in your holiday store. Do you want to offer discounted products only or offer your products at full price with special impact? During the holiday season people start to go discount crazy, they expect sales and theyíll want sales. Now letís look at the psychological aspect of a sale, it gives them instant gratification that they purchased something with just cause. It was on sale! You as a merchant donít want to offer instant gratification you want to offer lifetime gratification for being a long-term customer. To achieve this you need to give your shopper a surprise impact, something that is meaningful to them or out of the ordinary. Andrianes Pinantoan a guest writer for FutureBuzz, offers a few ways to create the surprise:

  • Send a card wishing them a Happy Holidays with their shipment.
  • Give them a gift in their shipment, something that isnít on your website or Facebook store.
  • Provide the product and donít charge for shipping.
  • Upgrade their products if they can be upgraded.

-††††††††† PLACE: Think about where you want to present your products. Do you want to place them on multiple platforms or just offer specific products in your Facebook store or website only? Where is your audience at and what will draw the most attention? †Highlight products in your Facebook Shop that are oriented toward social sharing and conversation. Set up your social conversations prior to the holidays about these products to create awareness to a broader set of prospects.

-††††††††† PRESENTATION: Once your platform is chosen make sure you add a little festive flair to your Facebook Shop. Help people get in the holiday spirit, place holiday imagery and colors in your graphics. In your Facebook store you can change the coloring for your Buy Now buttons, and update your store banner. New social sellers that donít have an existing website can use a Facebook Shop with an integrated PayPal checkout or even Cash on Delivery (COD) option to provide additional visibility to your products.

-††††††††† TIMING: †Research indicates that the online holiday shopping season is growing longer and retailers needs to focus on key peak buying periods. Bluekia has noted some very important days when holiday shoppers are making a majority of purchases. †Additionally, according to Internet Retailer, in 2011 over 50% of consumers said they would do their holiday shopping online. †The lesson for social sellers is that you need to manage your social activities, product focus, and conversations for extended periods of time this coming holiday season. Make sure you focus on those key dates when shoppers are highly motivated to buy.† Remember, social conversations are key elements in search engine algorithms. By engaging in those conversations early on you will benefit from ultimate search rankings.

-††††††††† AUDIENCE: This is an opportunity to build your long-term brand advocates. How you handle your holiday selling can impact your long-term sales. If you deliver great products coupled with great service that feeling will stick with your consumer. They will come back for the same experience again and again. To impact your brand building think of unique ways to market to the human nature of altruism.† According to Pinantoan, he suggests that instead of offering holiday discounts let the consumer know that a certain percentage of the proceeds will go to a charity. Or let them know that for every dollar spent a dollar will be donated to a specific cause.

Even though the summer season hasnít even come to a close finalizing your holiday plan is critical. The earlier you tackle it the more time you will have to execute it. Let us know some of your favorite holiday promotions for our next blog post! Sound off below in the comment section or visit us on Facebook.

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