Highlighting Your Products During The Holiday Season

One of the best ways to make conversions on your eCommerce store is to highlight select products you have for sale in alluring and eye-catching ways. Paired with promotions, these product specials can dramatically increase the value of your marketing efforts over the holidays.
facebook store apps, ShopTab, shopping cart storeThis week, ShopTab has broken down the best ways to put a spotlight on your featured products throughout the holiday season. Using the top three digital marketing resources at your disposal, social media, newsletters, and your website, we will show you how to leverage these tips to get the most out of your store.

Social Media

Featuring products on your social pages can be a great way to draw special attention to key products you are selling. Build excitement and intrigue with special offers and creative product descriptions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions from your fans! Starting a conversation about products can be a good way to get people talking about your store and the products you are selling long after they have left your page.

Holiday Promo Wall Post - ShopTab
Blogging is another great way to build enthusiasm for your products. Write a weekly blog about some of the exciting new products and promotions you have for sale. Hosting contests and giveaways can be a great way to drive traffic to your site, and can offer a great opportunity to host a featured blog with customer reviews from your winners.

Hosting a shopping cart store on your Facebook page can be one of the best ways to create some excitement about your products through social media. While there are many Facebook store apps out there, ShopTab offers some unique features that make connecting with customers convenient and effective.

  • Utilize ShopTab’s Fan Gate feature with a holiday graphic to drive Likes and store access
  • Create a banner on your ShopTab store page that highlights a holiday coupon code or links to a printed version of the code for offline shopping.
  • Decorate your ShopTab store with custom colors and banners for the holidays
  • Encourage fans to Like your products to have them shared in their news feeds for all their friends to see.


Holiday ShopTab Store Custom Colors


Holiday newsletters can be another great way to make your customers aware of the promotions and special products you have for sale this season. Send out newsletters a few times a month to updates your followers on what promotions are going on inside your store. Make sure to leverage reminders for promotions for shipping discounts or reminders for making purchases by certain dates to guarantee shipment in time for the holiday.

Leverage your activity with blogs and social media to draw additional traffic and create fun and interactive platforms for customers to discuss your store. Try switching up your promotions with weekly deals centered around different products to set a sense of urgency and excitement to your brand this season!


Your website is the central piece to making all of your hard work pay off. It is most frequently where you will drive your customers through social media and newsletters so it is important to ensure you present the right message.

Create clear calls to action on your homepage that highlight special products and current promotions. Keep the design simple and clutter-free to ensure your message is clear and noticed by all who visit your site.

Try adding some fun to your store with a bit of holiday cheer through inviting copy, imagery, and design. Enhancing the social shopping experience can help spread some joy and get your customers excited to make a purchase.

For more tips on how to prepare your store for the holidays keep an eye on our ShopTab blog. Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook to let us know how you plan to highlight your products this season.