Go for the Gold with your Social Postings

We all know what the biggest social event during this week has been the Olympics! If you’re anything like me you’re glued to the TV or your smart phone. I just can’t seem to stop checking for updates and pictures of all the glory in London. Here at ShopTab our goal is to make sure you reach gold with your Facebook store. If you’re not successful then we aren’t successful. So this week we wanted to give you another tip to take your Facebook shop to the winner’s podium to provide the social commerce value that you expected.

Did you know you can alter your social sharing text? When anyone tweets or shares your products from your Facebook store a default text appears. You have control over the captions that appear when someone socially shares your items. The Twitter default text currently says “Take a look at this product on Facebook.” If you have something more personal or a catchy phrase associated with your products then by all means add it! We are always talking about your social personality and this is an extension of that. How about, “This product rocks” or “You have to see this” as your introduction?  Don’t let all your efforts that you put into your social channels end with a default text not determined by you. Just remember Twitter limits you to 140 characters so keep it short and sweet.


Another avenue to explore your social personality and brand building is the “Share with Friends” feature. According to Harrison Kratz “you have to find a focus in your messaging and then communicate that message effectively to your community.” Since Twitter and Facebook are different social venues you can make the text different but make your messaging the same. Carry over your brand imaging while staying true to your social personality.

To edit your social text you will need to login to your ShopTab admin if you have an existing account. Once logged in click on your Settings tab then the Translate link. Now you can update your social text to what you see fit for your brand and store. If you don’t have an existing account be sure to check out our Plans and Pricing page to see what plan works best for you.

Our last tip of the week for your Facebook page is your application icon for your Facebook store. With the new Facebook timeline you can customize your application thumbnails. If you’ve spent a lot of time designing your timeline cover image and profile picture, then let the theme flow with your applications. In order to change your application thumbnail in Facebook you’ll want login to your Facebook account and click on your Business/Fan page. You will then see a dropdown box beside your applications; click on it and this will now activate a pencil icon when you hover over your application image. Click on the pencil icon and select Edit Settings. Bam you are now able to change your image.

Send us your creative application images as well as your creative Facebook stores! We’d love to see them and show them off in our upcoming posts.