Get your Social Commerce Strategy right for Tweet Sake!

Most everything you read says your company must aggressively participate in social marketing or you will lose out to your competitors. Your boss asks about it and it has become a standard topic in your staff meetings. You’re running after Likes, Shares, Tweets and Pins like they are going out of style.  Why?  Really, why?  We challenge you to answer the following questions:

-          Do you have a written social marketing strategy?

-          Have you defined your top three most important social metrics?

-          What is the ROI on your social marketing and commerce activities?

If you can’t answer any of these questions then you need to read on because we think you may be chasing butterflies.

In this blog we are embarking on a five week journey through ShopTab’s Social Commerce strategy whitepaper, “Return on Facebook.” We will explore the five-step process that leads you to the development of a high level social marketing strategy, building a quality audience and then narrow your focus into social commerce strategy and tactics. Once completed, the Social Commerce strategy will be a key element of your overall Social Marketing strategy and your long-term marketing success.

A marketing strategy is the most important driver of a company’s business plan. This is where you decide the value you want to give your clients, as well as what unique approach and position in the market you will take. The supporting social strategy has emerged as a critical pillar in the success of the marketing plan, especially for any business that is online and direct to consumer. We believe your social strategy statement should have the same organizational buy-in that you have for all functional strategy statements that support the overall business plan.  Radical thinking? We don’t think so because social marketing isn’t just driven by a single department; it is driven by the whole organization – that is what it means to be social. OK, that may be radical thinking but it is true.

Where do you start to create this social strategy statement? We propose a process in the first section of the “Return on Facebook” document to get you started.  Around ShopTab we believe that no one is ever too busy for homework.  So download the “Return on Facebook” document and read the introduction and first section. If you can’t brainstorm your way to a social strategy statement tell us why. We hate the idea of you chasing butterflies.

Be sure to follow us for the next installment of your social marketing plan, growing your audience.

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