Five Tips to Kick off Holiday Social Selling

All right folks, Halloween is just around the corner. In the retail world we all know that means if your holiday shopping plan isn’t in place now then you’re late! If you’re still struggling with the best way to optimize your social selling experience, look no further then this blog post.

So you’ve got your store in place, it’s optimized for the holiday experience with festive descriptions and imagery. But now you need to bring people to your site to start shopping. What’s the best way to bring them in and stay in keeping with the holidays? Don’t turn into a Scrooge, we’re here to help!

These 5 quick tips will kick start your audience engagement to help you have one of the best holiday seasons on record! These quick tips aren’t in any way shape or form to replace your holiday selling strategy. Before you engage in any holiday selling we highly advice you to develop your social selling strategy first.

  1. Think about engaging in a newsletter campaign. Free e-mail services such as Mailchimp will let you create fun e-mail templates to distribute to your customers. Remember it’s the holidays so use festive calls to actions and images. Also let them know about your great online deals and sales that are available for a limited time only!
  2. Take a look at your budget and determine if you have some wiggle room to run Facebook ads. Target specific audiences that would be interested in your products. Offer up exclusive deals for clicking on the ad itself, like free shipping or an extra discount.
  3. Let your users create a virtual wish list by enabling the “Share with Friends” feature to post products to their page for their friends and family to see.
  4. If you are using Pinterest in your marketing mix, think about creating a board that is open to the public. Meaning let your fans post their favorite products or holiday wants onto your pin board. Not only does it increase engagement but gives you an idea of what your audience is looking for.
  5. Do you have great holiday tips and tricks involving your products? Share questions or unique offers regarding your products.  Create a video for your fans. Post to your social outlets and use Facebook promoted post to reach a larger audience base.

Side note, if you need help with your holiday strategy be sure to read our past blog articles to get you on the right track.

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