Financing your Social Commerce Success

Who doesn’t need money to help grow their business? We all do!  Sometimes it feels like financing is only an option for large businesses, even when things are going really well. We hear from our clients all the time that they believe they could optimize and increase selling in Facebook but are constrained by their access to money for marketing, inventory and infrastructure. We have a couple of thoughts on how you might solve this serious online and social selling problem.

Based upon a recent call, we learned about a company called Kabbage. Cool name and even better idea! They provide money exclusively to online companies to finance their growth.  Does it sound too good to be true? Not really, they understand online and social sellers! Kabbage can provide quick financing based upon information from existing revenues through Ebay, PayPal, Amazon, Etsy, your website or even UPS shipping. They even take into account your social status to determine your options – finally some value for all of your social marketing! The financing cost for the “cash advance” seems reasonable and is at least worth a look.

The Kabbage option may be perfect for existing sellers but what about those who don’t have much cash to start their efforts online or socially? We’re seeing a significant trend with these emerging micro-retailers globally – they begin their selling efforts within social networks. Why? First, Facebook provides access to a global audience with a low cost to no cost marketing platform where they are typically already there engaging with fans and followers.   Second, there are a number of Facebook store applications, like ShopTab, that provide for very simple deployment in minutes – no websites to design, merchant accounts to set-up or third parties to manage.   Lastly, these social selling tools and apps are available at a low monthly subscription cost options, allowing them to conserve their money.

Whether you are in the game or just thinking about selling on Facebook there are options to help you grow your social commerce revenues and your business.  Combined online and social sales are growing at double digit rates throughout the world; don’t miss your chance when options to build and grow are easily within reach.