Facebook Store Tracking and Conversion With Google Analytics

Tracking data charts ShopTabTracking and measuring data is vital to understanding the effectiveness of your various digital marketing campaigns. It helps you see what parts of your online effort are working, and which are in need of a tune-up. While this has become easier to do for things like your website, tracking social media and specifically your Facebook shop can be a more difficult task – especially when it comes to demonstrating ROI. This unique value in building social relationships with your fans and followers must be included with your overall ROI analysis measurements. You can’t be left asking if the  promotion of your Facebook Store is – you need to know!

While it is may be hard to answer to how much a relationship with a fan is worth, ShopTab can help you to quantify your social engagement rates by tracking your traffic and sales through your Facebook store. With ShopTab, you can increase web traffic and monetize your Facebook page by adding a social shopping destination directly to your Facebook Business or Fan page.

Why Tracking and Analytics Are Important On Facebook

As a business owner, you spend considerable time working to make your website and social pages stand out from your competition. Building long-term and effective relationships online can take a lot of work, and it’s tough to always know what is being positively received by your audience. It is vital to implement systematic measurement of your social engagement data to strategically understand how each individual social marketing element of your plan is performing.

As you have heard before, tracking social media metrics and measuring its ROI is not yet a perfected science. Facebook does offer a great, free analytics tools for business pages called Insights that can help you to understand the demographics of your fans and the effectiveness of each post. Google Analytics is another free service that can help monitor some of the interactions your have with fans on your social networks. Combining the power of both can unleash the performance clarity that you are looking for when trying to understand the impact of your social selling efforts with direct sales from your Facebook store.   This combination is effective, easy to install, and best of all – free!

How To Track Facebook Store Conversions Through ShopTab

By most reports, Google Analytics is used by close to 50% of all websites for traffic and conversion analysis. Leveraging such a widely deployed and trusted tracking system is ideal for your Facebook store since it is likely already working in your infrastructure and can be combined within your existing marketing performance reports.

To get started, simply follow the steps below. For a more detailed guide, see out FAQ on tracking Facebook Shop Conversions

  1. Start by setting up a free Google Analytics account if you do not already have one.
  2. Use Google’s free online toolto help build your tracking codes  that you will attach to each product’s URL. Only one code will need to be created, as it will be the same for every product. See the 4 examples fields below to help fill out the form.
    1. As an example we will use a product page of http://www.YourDomain.com/YourProductPage.html and that would be the exact link to your product page that goes in the Website URL spot
    2. Campaign Source we recommend to use Facebook
    3. Campaign Medium we recommend to use ShopTab
    4. Campaign Name we recommend to use Social_Commerce

Tracking Google URL Builder

  1. Once completed you will receive a URL that looks like this http://www.YourDomain.com/YourProductPage.html?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=ShopTab&utm_campaign=Social_Commerce. Take the tracking section of the code ” ?utm_source=Facebook&utm_medium=ShopTab&utm_campaign=Social_Commerce” and return to the ShopTab Admin.
  2. After you have created your code, add it manually to the end of each product’s URL. This can be done in the ShopTab admin via the My Products page, or under the link column in your ShopTab data feed file. Or, you can automate the addition of the tracking code by exporting your current database, adding the code to the end of each product URL and uploading the data file.
  3. Once in place, you can now track how many people and sales are coming to your website from your ShopTab store. Note: Google usually requires 24 hours to pull in initial data for your review.
  4. To view your data, log into Google Analytics and click on the Campaign section under Traffic Sources to view all results of traffic from your ShopTab store to your website.

Remember, now that you have created your tracking code you need to focus on your marketing plan that help increase the awareness of your products to your fans and followers.

ShopTab Store Example

Physique 57 is a great example of a ShopTab client who uses Google Analytics to track their Facebook shop sales. They have included the Google Tracking code to the back end of all of their product’s URLs and use Google Analytics to understand the overall performance of their ShopTab store.  Hover your mouse over each BUY NOW link in their store and you can see the URL with the tracking code information. See below for an example of product tracking in Google Analytics.

Tracking Physique 57 ShopTab Store

Below is an example report of how your traffic will be reflected in your Google Analytics account.

Tracking Example Google Report for Tracking ShopTab

If you have any questions on how to set up tracking for your ShopTab products don’t hesitate to comment below or send an email to our support team at support@shoptab.net. Tell us on Facebook how you track your customer interactions online. What other tactics like unique promo codes or other analytics services have you tried?

Image Source: www.labgfx.com

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