Facebook Store Shipping Options and Features

We’re excited to announce a brand new overhaul of our Facebook shop shipping options. Shipping is a large part of the ecommerce experience, and it can be tough to manage if you don’t have the right tools.

The new ShopTab shipping options and features give you full control over your shipping experience, and it can all be managed within your ShopTab account.

Here’s a full video outlining each Facebook store shipping method and feature.

Note: the shipping options detailed below will only appear if you’re using the integrated cart option and our modern store template.

Shipping options

1. None – This is the default option for your ShopTab account.  If you want to include your shipping charges as part of your product price or use the shipping that PayPal provides via their shipping calculator, you’ll want to select this option.

2. Flat – This option sets the same shipping rate for every item in your store.  The designated rate will be applied to all products that are in your buyer’s cart.

3. Flat + – This option sets the same shipping rate for the first item in your buyer’s cart and then a second rate for each additional item in your buyer’s cart.

4. Product – This option allows you to set a unique shipping rate for each product listing.  Each individual of these product listing shipping rates for items placed in the cart will be added up to reflect the total shipping charge.

5. Weight – This option allows you to input the weight of the item within each product listing.  You will then set your shipping rates based upon total weight of the items in your buyer’s cart.

Shipping features

Our new shipping options also come with a handful of great features. Within the Shipping tab in your ShopTab admin, you’re able to set free store pickup, add an expedited surcharge, and set an international shipping charge.

Any added features that you choose will appear as options within your buyers’ cart.

Facebook shop shipping options



When the buyer is in the cart they’ll see an option for expedited surcharge. If selected, the price is added to the base shipping method.

If you want to change the text that is displayed in the cart for any of the features mentioned above, you’ll see an area on the bottom of the Shipping tab to make text edits.

Facebook shop shipping text

All of the shipping options and features will appear for both desktop and mobile users. That’s important considering the number of Facebook users who now show via their mobile phones.

Facebook store mobile   

Take a look at our support page for our Facebook store shipping options and features to see more details on implementation.

If you have any questions about shipping with your Facebook store, message us on Facebook or email us at support@shoptab.net.





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