Facebook Call-to-Action Button Drives Product Interest and Sales

In previous posts, we’ve covered Facebook’s recent announcement of their new call-to-action feature, and we’ve provided a step-by-step guide for setting up your call-to-action button on your Facebook page.

Now, after we’ve had some time to see how the call-to-action buttons are impacting Facebook stores, the evidence is clear.

Call-to-action buttons are driving product sales. 

We’ve now had time to analyze Facebook store numbers before and after implementing the button, and the buttons seem to have a significant impact on the number of product views and engagement.

Here’s a look at the performance dashboard of one of ShopTab’s new Facebook store users. Notice that right after the implementation of the button, store page views and buy clicks increased dramatically.


In this case, the Facebook store user hadn’t promoted consistently on their Facebook page, meaning that all of this activity was created from the call-to-action button alone.

If Facebook store owners use the call-to-action button combined with consistent promotions of products through wall posts, they’ll undoubtedly see the impact when they look at their numbers.

Note: The ShopTab client mentioned above has started promoting on their wall and we’ve written Part 2 of this blog, which you can read here.

I’ve written about the best way to promote Facebook store products on your wall, and if you’re new to Facebook selling, you’ll want to make sure you check that out when you’re setting up your store.

One of the biggest advantages of the Facebook’s new call-to-action feature is that the button shows up on mobile devices.

Facebook Shop Now button

This may explain why it has such a dramatic impact on product/store views and sales. We’ve recently learned that Facebook’s 101 million US daily mobile users make up a whopping 78% of its 128 million daily US users.

We’re confident that this trend will continue, and Facebook users will become increasingly mobile with their browsing (and their shopping).

If you’re new to Facebook selling, take a mobile-first approach, and get your call-to-action button set up so you don’t miss out on sales.

Don’t forget to come back next week for the follow-up post on how product promotions (added to the call-to-action button) are impacting sales.

Note: As of February 19, 2015 Facebook hasn’t rolled out the call-to-action feature on all Facebook Pages. If you’re not seeing the button on your cover photo, you may have to wait patiently until Facebook decides to make the feature available to everyone.

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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