Enhance Your Facebook Store With A Fan Gate Promotion

Sprucing up your Facebook page with engaging content can be a great way to get your followers and new fans excited about your page. There are a variety of things page administrators can add to their page to personalize and enhance a users experience. One of the most talked about methods is hosting a fan gate on your Facebook page to share exclusive offers to new visitors. This can be a great way to add value to your page and can give new fans a great incentive to Like your page by offering exclusive content.

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What Is A Fan Gate

Facebook fan gates are often referred to as a revel tab, welcome tab, or landing page. This page will be the first thing your new visitors will see when they go to your page. Fan gates on Facebook are strictly for new visitors and will not be seen for fans who are already following your page. Once they “Like” your fan page for Facebook and become an official fan, the fan gate tab turns into different content that is available to fans only.

Recently, ShopTab has introduced a new feature for our Ultimate Plan users that allows a fan gate to be integrated into your Facebook store front. Page administrators can now offer unique promotions to new fans before they enter their ShopTab store on Facebook. To get the most out of this new feature, make ShopTab the default landing page and offer a promotion that relates to your store such as “25% off of your first purchase” by highlighting a promotion code on the fan gate page.

Why A Fan Gate Adds Value

Since your fan gate is often the first thing new visitors to your Facebook page will see it offers some unique opportunities to offer fans something of value and interest. Paired with your ShopTab Facebook store, a fan gate can be help transform your page into an exciting eCommerce platform with special deals and incentives to make a purchase. A fan gate can also be a creative way to introduce an alluring sense of exclusivity to your page that can give fans an additional reason to want to follow your brand or want to share with their friends. Use special offers, contests, and promotions to help drive page Likes to your page.

SENSA’s ShopTab Store is an excellent example on our new fan gate feature live in action. Take a look at their page and see how SENSA leverages exclusive offers to new Facebook fans to encourage them to shop on their Facebook store.

Sensa ShopTab Facebook fan gate offer Creative Ways To Implement Your ShopTab Fan Gate

  • Use special promotions exclusive to Facebook fans
  • Offer Free Shipping code for FB fans
  • Highlight a promotion code for a discount
  • Offer daily/weekly deals for single items in your store
  • Include your fan gate promotions in your ShopTab header/banner image
  • Use the banner/header with a hyperlink to drive users to another page where they can print out a coupon for in-store use

Fan gates can be a great way to get new visitors to follow your page by offering exclusive and exciting offers, but the real value lies in the ability to build a relationship with new fans after they have Liked your page. Tell us how you use your ShopTab fan gate to grow your page and build relationships with fans. Comment below or join the conversation on Facebook.


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    Here is a great example of a ShopTab store fan gate that promotes a fantastic Christmas special from Assuoline Publishing. Perfect answer for Cyber Monday or in general for the holiday season - http://www.facebook.com/AssoulinePub?sk=app_189977524185.  - ShopTab Support