Engage in Social Psychology to impact Social Commerce!

Why do people engage with social networks?  What is the primary motivation behind the millions of new Facebook users every month? It is belonging! It is embedded in our human nature to belong to something. If you want to participate in social networks with your brand you need to understand social psychology. Once you can tap into this fountain of information then you can reap dramatic results.

To understand why someone is engaging with your brand or products in the first place allows you to cater to their emotions and trigger a desired reaction.  According to Wade Gerten, the founder and CEO of 8th Bridge, 90% of social commerce takes place because of friend to friend sharing. There has been a lot of focus lately on social intelligence which focuses on the six heuristics needs of the human being. It is important to learn how they can apply to your Facebook store and generate a ROI for your efforts. In order for your Facebook store to succeed you have to reach and promote to your biggest cheerleaders, your fans. They will highlight your products and sow the seeds of success throughout social networking sites.

One of the basic drivers for someone to want to buy a product is the act of belonging. If your product looks like it is something that a lot of people want then it is social proof that the product is valuable. How do you make your products look valuable? Simple, allow your fans to share your products. By placing sharing buttons around your products or services in your website and Facebook shop you are inviting them to display your items to their friends. You also want to encourage them to share their perspectives and input on your products and services. Sometimes all it takes is a simple call to action asking for feedback to create a selling reaction.

How many times have you been in a situation that you didn’t know what product to pick so you went with the one that you heard was recommended by a friend we think is smart or authority figure? I know I fall prey to it way too often. It is actually a brilliant ploy that marketers hone in on to fulfill your heuristic need of authority. This can translate to your social efforts as well when your fans recommend your products.

When we know that something is hard to find it somehow makes it more valuable to us, we want it before it is all gone. Think of the iPhone, how many people wait in line 24 hours before its release just so they can make sure they don’t run out. If you create the feeling of scarcity for your products then someone who was on the fence about an item will be more prone to whip out that credit card. Using ShopTab’s new feature, “Featured Item” you can showcase a product that is almost out of stock.  Or you can create “Last Call” items or “For a Limited Time Only” opportunities.

There is always that one person that you can think of that has something that you just have to have. It could be your best friend, a sibling, or even a celebrity. As a merchant you can tap into the psychology of liking by not only allowing your customers to share products they want, but if you know you have a product that was seen in a movie or within a movie star showcase it can become a “As seen…” item.

Do you have a brand that you just absolutely love; you know they’ll never let you down so you keep returning for more? Mine is Converse, it wouldn’t matter if the world was ending, I can always count on my Converse, so I keep buying more. If your brand remains true to its mission, creates and delivers ideal products for your customers they will return, most of the time with friends.

Lastly, you want to thank your fans for being your biggest advocates. Offer them something in return for making your brand successful. Give them an exclusive look at new products, send them something extra when they order over $100, give them free shipping around the holidays, just get creative! Most people like to reciprocate favors so you never know when you might be able to ask something in return.

What do you think about social psychology, do you think there is a trick to get your customers to engage with your products?

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