Drop Shipping With a Facebook Store

If you’re considering starting a drop shipping business or have already started selling products online, adding a Facebook store to your drop shipping operation is an easy and cost-effective way to sell more products.

You can set up a Facebook business page, build a following, and then create organic traffic to your store with product promotions on your wall. You can also create an add campaign through Facebook’s ad platform to get people to your Facebook store without forcing them to travel to another website.


A drop shipping business has three main components: the website, the supply chain, and the marketing. 

The website is becoming easier to create and optimize with websites like Squarespace and WordPress.

The supply chain requires little management if you find a reliable drop shipper and use the right “hands off” integrations.

The marketing… well… traditionally that’s the hard part. Notice that I use the word traditionally here. While other drop shippers put all of their effort into their website, with little to no social presence, you’re going to be smarter. You understand that Facebook is becoming a selling platform. That’s why they’ve been experimenting with a “Buy Now” button. Connect your existing website to your Facebook store and utilize the platform to drive more sales.

Search for Facebook pages that are underrepresented and start to create a following. It doesn’t take a huge Facebook ads budget to create a big chunk of Facebook fans in a short amount of time (if you know who you’re targeting). Running a promotion on your e-commerce site? Run the same promotion with your Facebook store. It’s free, and your customers don’t have to leave Facebook to make a purchase. As you know, less steps in the checkout process means a higher conversion rate.

Social selling can be a great option for your drop shipping operation, especially if you haven’t seen the results you’d like with your SEO/AdWords strategy. You’ll get a much higher bang for your buck spending time on creating a highly engaging Facebook page.

Questions or comments about drop shipping with a Facebook store? Keep the conversation going below.


Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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  • Daniel Rose

    Social media plays an important role in online business to promote. Facebook has become so much popular in business and helps to run the business successfully by targeting traffic. nice post for those who do not know what is drop shipping and how to start this business.

  • zachbeattie

    Thanks, Daniel!

  • amr elsharkawi

    Can i depend 100% on facebook in my drop shipping business

  • Kevin Gralen

    Do you mean that you want to depend on only selling in Facebook for your drop ship business?

  • Ellen Booker

    Thankyou great article very helpful 🙂
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  • glaros

    very interesting information!! on facebook you want traffic for sales. on ebay and amazon you have the trafic but is hard.
    tnx zach

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    Nice info

  • Aarchi Rathore

    is there any option to integrate aliexpress dropshiping with facebook rather than website??

  • Kevin Gralen

    We’re not aware of one at this time. You can import the aliexpress items into ShopTab via a CSV or text file, if that is available from them.

  • MawuLisa Kupokea Olayinka

    Yes, can we set up a fb shop then have a drop shipper fulfill the product orders?

  • Yes, you can set up the store and use the drop shipper to provide the fulfillment services.

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  • StyleBySupreet

    I was wondering the same thing. I want to start a shop on my page, but I don’t want to use Shopify. Wondering I can drop ship directly from the FB shops.

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