Drive Non-Profit Donations in Facebook

Facebook donations jar of coins ShopTabQuite often we talk about the ways to leverage ShopTab to sell your products on Facebook and grow your business socially. Today we are discussing the benefits that ShopTab can bring to your Non-Profit organization using Facebook.

Using the ShopTab application on your Non-Profit’s Facebook page can be a great way to accept donations or sell your merchandise directly in Facebook and leverage the passion of your followers. Learn how to make the most of your ShopTab Donation Tab by utilizing our new features and tips for non-profits.

Benefits of Using ShopTab for Non-Profits on Facebook

  • Accept donations right from your Facebook page
  • Engage the fans and followers of your organization’s Facebook page
  • Build relationships with your fans and make it easy and rewarding for them to give back
  • Facebook and ShopTab makes it fun and effortless for fans to share stories about their donations and create awareness for your cause
  • Virally spreads awareness of your social activities via Facebook and Twitter
  • Works with your existing donation capabilities sending users to your secure website to complete the donation or easily set up a secure donation option with PayPal
  • Customize your messages and unique donation options on your page
  • Personalize your tab with images, color schemes, and store designs to capture the look and feel of your organization

Engagement Opportunities for Non-Profits Using ShopTab

  • Leverage the passion of your fans for episodic donations – i.e. a water drive, a special project, backpacks for kids going back to school
  • Utilize a fan gate landing page to help tell your story when new visitors arrive on your page
  • Promote the use of Likes and Tweets on individual offers to drive social awareness of your donation or merchandise options
  • Check out these other great tips from Social Media Examiner on how non-profits can leverage social media

Showcased Non-Profit Stores:

UMOM New Day Centers is an organization that provides homeless families and individuals with safe shelter, housing, and supportive services to assist them in reaching their potential. Their ShopTab powered Donate Tab is a great way to interact with others and make a difference. Fans can choose to purchase tax creditable donations, food and housing at a UMOM shelter, or childcare services ranging from $20 to $400.

Facebook Donate Tab One Day Shelter - ShopTab

Project H3 Vets is a special initiative of the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness to permanently house chronically homeless veterans. Their Donate tab looks great with a custom banner, color scheme, and store layout to match their brand. They kept their tab simple and effective by offering only three options – groceries, furniture, or a house start-up box. By customizing their store and utilizing quality photos they are able to create an inspiring environment that encourages their fans to interact and give back.

Facebook Donate Tab H3 VETS - ShopTab

“ShopTab makes it very easy to leverage our social media messaging strategy for our fundraising efforts.  We love its seamless integration in Facebook and the ability to customize its look and feel to maintain our identity.” – Joan Serviss, Executive Director of the Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness

To get started with your own ShopTab Donate Tab, see our Donate Installation and Setup PDF and visit our website. Try it risk free with a 30 day free trial when you use the promo code “FBstore” during registration. Comment below or on our Facebook page to let us know how your business uses or plans to use ShopTab to grow.

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