Drive Increased Foot Traffic with your Facebook Store

Selling in social networks is made easy with your Facebook Store app. However, sometimes completing the purchase online and shipping the item doesn’t optimize your revenue or profits. We’d like for you to consider using a couple of our favorite features to pull more buyers into your physical location.  When you do, you’ll sell more!

The truth is that buyers enjoy seeing, touching and experiencing the merchandise – a real bonus for sellers with a physical store location.  When buyers have this opportunity, your chance to upsell them can be increased dramatically. In one situation with ShopTab’s app, Lillians Shoppe,  increased their purchase amount by over 20% on average.

When you sell via a Facebook Shop, consider using these two features to drive up visits to your location and your purchase totals.

  • Store Pick-Up – Many local buyers don’t mind dropping by to pick-up their purchases saving the shipping charges and delay in getting their items. This gives you a great opportunity to show them other items and upsell them.
  • Cash on Delivery – Our COD Facebook Shop option creates a logical opportunity for the client to visit your location to complete their purchase and make final payment. Also, use this option to arrange delivery at an external location and bring items for them to consider for purchase.

Last week we talked to one client, based in the United States, that indicated she was only going to sell via Cash on Delivery since bringing clients into the store was her prime objective – she wasn’t going to offer online payments or shipping. The online social selling was a promotional effort to drive awareness about the store and her products. Getting to know the client when they come in the store was her goal and this solution was a great way to accomplish it.

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

Hi, I'm Zach! Welcome to the ShopTab blog, the best place to get the latest and greatest tips and tricks for Facebook selling and marketing your Facebook shop. Feel free to email me at zach (at) (yep, that's a real email) if you want to connect. I'd love to hear from you.

  • Pius Mabula

    Hello Shoptab, I got interesting in this article, I’m artist based in Tanzania -Africa, I have my facebook page with over 300 like, I would like to sell my artwork directly from Facebook….How this will work out? What’s the procedure to use Shoptab to sell my artworks? Thanks

  • Our store would allow you to promote your works of art within a store on your Facebook fan page. Once you have those items listed, you would need to set a checkout system for their purchase. Unfortunately, we don’t support a payment gateway for your currency. However, we do have support for Cash on Delivery for your currency. Here is a video for how COD works in ShopTab –

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