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There are so many online shopping cart options for today’s entrepreneurs and business owners to choose from. ShopTab features reviews of popular and recommended online shopping carts, interviewing the featured cart’s developer, to provide an opportunity to learn about why their cart may be right for your business.

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Recently ShopTab interviewed Gad Serruya, the president and founder of and the Ecommerce Manager. Serruya hold a strong background in actuarial science, marketing, and ecommerce which have helped to grow and develop his businesses. While started out in the design field, we quickly moved towards our true passion – ecommerce. For the past 10 years has been creating custom web solutions for a wide range of industries, from large corporations and non-profit organizations to start-ups and small businesses.

The team is made up of web and design savvy professionals dedicated to delivering a first-class ecommerce solution.  The operate in an environment that encourages creative thought, allowing them to consistently produce smarter websites and better end results for their clients. runs out of Montreal, QC, however their clients are based all over the world.  They work with clients from the US and Canada, all the way to the UK, Japan, Switzerland and more.

Q:  Why did you launch Dextel?

A: was born out of a passion for design, branding and technology.  While  was initially founded as a graphics and communication company, we rapidly moved to the web and the exciting field of ecommerce.  With proven success amongst our existing clients and a growing demand for ecommerce, our business expanded to include website design and development as part of our service offerings.  Since then, it has developed an expertise in web solutions and developing smart websites with above average functionalities. We wanted to offer a high-end, custom alternative to all the generic cart plug-ins out there.  There are very few quality, full-service solutions on the market and we wanted to ensure that people are given all the tools that they’ll need to successfully sell online.  There’s so much more to running a successful online store than just having a great cart.

Q:  What features or benefits make Dextel stand out?

A:  First and foremost, is a full-service agency.  When you choose, you’re actually gaining an entire team of dedicated experts to help you with the design, development and marketing of your online store.  We pay special attention to detail, all of our clients gain a meticulously, custom designed website that fits the client’s needs perfectly.  We’re not afraid to take the time to make things perfect.  Our main goal is the client’s success so we focus all our time and energy on developing features that truly help them drive and convert more sales from their website.  Many other platforms are bogged down by useless features, we focus on developing features that truly help our clients to succeed.  In addition, our cart is constantly evolving, new features are added regularly which means that our clients are constantly updated with new and exciting features.

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Q:  What are some of its weaknesses?

A:  Right now, I would say that because we’ve been actively catering our services to a particular niche of clients, our ecommerce platform’s sole weakness is the lack of popularity and exposure that some other companies may have.  The Ecommerce Manager was built for companies who really want a solution that is truly powerful and easy to use and one that comes with a team of experts who will dedicate themselves to make your store a success.

Q:  How would your cart help an ecommerce merchant, versus the cart he or she is using now?

A:  Well, for one, they’ll probably spend less time managing their store because of the fact that the Ecommerce Manager allows them to do things so easily and quickly. Secondly, it would help them convert more visitors into actual buyers by giving their customers the ease to browse and find products quickly and checkout in just a few easy clicks, which would increase their conversion rates but also encourage repeat buying and maximize sales. Thirdly, once they do become successful, they’ll be happy to find out that their cart can grow and evolve with them and not worry about having to change their cart.  Lastly, our clients don’t simply receive a powerful tool and a fantastic looking website when they work with Dextel.  They also benefit from being backed by our whole team that work tirelessly to make sure that each and every website that we produce is a success.

Q:  How many products will your eCommerce platform allow?

A:  The Ecommerce Manager allows an unlimited amount of products.

Q:  What is the cost for Dextel’s service?

A:  With you receive a prime platform at a very affordable price.  We also offer the added benefit of being able to provide scalable and flexible solutions so pricing really all depends on the client’s particular needs and business model.  We can customize its modules and functionalities for each and every client as needed.  Also, our pricing does not simply include using the cart, you’re actually getting an entire package including, but not limited to design and marketing.  We invite merchants to contact us to discuss their exact needs and we’ll be happy to provide a free estimate.

Q:  What are Dextel’s future plans for development or additional features?

A:  Our goal is to really make this cart a best-of-breed platform designed for people who take selling online seriously. We want our clients to benefit from constant feature improvements and additions to the platform so that their store continually evolves with the most recent features and technologies. More specifically, we’re looking to integrate more tools to allow advanced customer management as well as a complete set of advanced marketing tools.  Our team is constantly striving to make improvements and updates, and when our clients have ideas or suggestions, we listen to what they have to say.

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Q:  How is support handled for Dextel customers?

A:  Considerate of the need for our clients to feel like they are our number one priority, offers up unsurpassed customer service.  We remain available to respond to concerns and offer guidance at anytime.  Our team is available and reachable by phone and email, and have earned a reputations amongst our clients for being prompt and thorough in our replies and support.  Each client has a dedicated web-coordinator who acts as the point of contact between the client and Dextel.  We take great pride in treating every client like a V.I.P.  We make every effort possible to offer unparalleled client support and to ensure each client’s satisfaction and growth.

Q:  Do you have any other comments about Dextel for ShopTab readers?

A:  I see many merchants entering the ecommerce world without really being aware of what it takes to succeed online.  Having a successful online store takes on-going effort, dedication and an attention to detail.  We have years of experience helping our clients succeed online so I think it’s important when beginning your online venture to not only select the right software but to also work with the right team of people who can assist you along the way and help you make it successful.

If you have any questions or feedback, we welcome you to contact us. You can email us, calls us on our toll-free numbers or chat to us online. We are here to help.

Check out Dextel at If you are currently using Dextel please share your experience below in the comments.

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