Delivering Beautiful Results with a Facebook Shop


Mario Badescu Skin Care is all about their personal one-on-one relationships with their clients for their skin care regime. Since its founding almost 50 years ago they haven’t lost sight that their clients come first. The emergence of social media gave them a new opportunity to engage women, who were focused on their skin care, in a very personal way. Specifically, Facebook allowed them to have a direct online relationship with their clients but they needed an elegant way to introduce their products into these social discussions. That’s when they decided to add a Facebook shop to their Fan Page. Since the implementation of the store it has been one of fastest growing traffic drivers to their e-commerce website.

Getting off to a fast start with Social Commerce was important to the team – they wanted to see impact for their efforts.  In the first 90 days they realized over 4,400 new visits to their website. More importantly, they were seeing incremental purchases – over 80 new orders.

Their purchase conversion rate of 1.85% in this period for visitors was in-line with other digital marketing efforts.

The team at Mario Badescu has been extremely creative in creating loyal fans for their page and their products.  One of their tactics rewards their fans by giving each person that likes their page the opportunity to receive free samples of their skin care line!

Tell us a little bit about your company?

Mario Badescu Skin Care is a 46-year-old luxury skin care line founded by the late, Romanian-born Mario Badescu. Mario Badescu spent many years developing and testing his innovative products before opening his iconic Manhattan-based salon. Today, Mario Badescu Skin Care produces some of the finest botanically-based skin care products in the world. Sold online and in high-end department stores and beauty boutiques, this highly respected, international brand still continues to hinge its reputation on providing the same type of customized, personalized treatment and care that made Mario Badescu’s salon famous nearly 50 years ago.

Why do you feel clients buy from you?

At Mario Badescu Skin Care, a complete, personalized skin care program is customized for each client—whether through our online skin analysis, over the counter, or at our salon. Putting their skin in our hands means that clients receive the exact skin care products necessary for their particular skin type and concerns. We ensure that each client gets exactly what their skin needs and with the most effective, gentle ingredients possible, including fruit extracts, seaweed, high quality vitamin oils, aloe vera, chamomile, and caviar.

What do you feel sets you apart from your competitors?

Despite that Mario Badescu Skin Care is now a world-famous, international brand, the company will never allow itself to lose the personal customer service for which it has become famous.

When did you start engaging with clients in social networks like Facebook and Twitter?

Long before I started working here. I would say, as early as they became available or shortly thereafter. 2004ish I am told by my boss.           

How has your thinking changed in terms of using social marketing?

We feel that social media has allowed us to become even closer to customers; better able to provide one-on-one interaction between each client and the brand in a way that is unprecedented. We are also better able to communicate with customers about the brand and provide our community with access to educational resources about skin care.

Why did you decide to deploy a Facebook store with your social marketing?

Ultimately we felt it was an easy way for current and prospective customers to see our products, engage with us and the community all without having to navigate away from Facebook to an external and potentially unfamiliar site.

What have you learned about engaging your fans with you Facebook store?

A lot. Not only is it a brilliant medium to expose your products to customers, it helps with brand re-enforcement too. People who like the products on those platforms back them up and share their experiences more frequently with their friends, who might not have ever heard of our brand before. 

How do you gauge success with social commerce and your overall social marketing?

Every time we engage with a customer in a way that provides them with exposure to our brand and access to better information (and, ultimately, better skin), we feel that our efforts in social media have been rewarded.

Is there one program, campaign or tactic that provides a good story for the impact of social marketing for your organization that you can share?    

We fully believe that exposing prospective clients to our products is the best way to gain new customers. As such, we wish we could give everyone the chance to try our products for free before committing to a skin care regimen. We offer every person who ‘likes’ our Facebook page a full, customized regimen of skin care products in sample size. This full regimen of samples arrives with a complete set of instructions.

We would like to thank Bradford Giosa and Jillian Ruffino, the social media director, for taking the time to talk with us about Mario Badescu Skin Care and to allow our audience to learn from their efforts in social media.

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