Creating Holiday Daily Deals in your Facebook Store

Daily deals have revolutionized the way we do eCommerce today. With industry giants such as Woot, Groupon, Living Social and others paving the path for others to follow, it is clear that the impact these deals can have on your business model is significant.

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Integrating daily deals into your Facebook Store as part of your holiday marketing strategy can be a great way to attract attention to special products you have for sale and build excitement for your store and your brand. Paired with social media, this strategy can be an exciting way to get your customers involved and interacting with your store on a regular basis.

To start hosting daily deals on your website it is important to first understand what excites your shoppers. In general, shopping is a social experience and people like to have fun while they indulge in their holiday spending. Take a page from Woot and integrate fun imagery and interesting product descriptions when sharing your highlighted products each day to leverage the online viral aspect of this experience.

There are a couple of ways to think about how you want to integrate your “deals” into your Facebook storefront strategy. At ShopTab, our Facebook Store clients either highlight their deals on the first page of their store or just list exclusively the one product that is the deal of the day or week. Some of our clients leverage a Fan Gate (feature that requires a Like to gain access) to make the shopping experience feel even more exclusive.

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Once your daily specials are live on your website and equipped with engaging product descriptions, enhance the experience by sharing your products on your social pages for your fans to enjoy and discuss. This can be a great way to spread awareness about your offers. It can also grant valuable insight into what your fans think about individual deals through discussions on your page. By offering promotional codes unique to your Facebook users you can track social engagement with your deals from individual traffic sources.

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ShopTab makes it simple to sell and host your products in Facebook and showcase daily deals directly from your Facebook wall. Having a Facebook store helps you to draw attention to both your Facebook page and eCommerce website while rewarding your fans with great deals. When done right, this approach will show that you can sell successfully on Facebook.

With your ShopTab Facebook store you can:

  • Position the store around having a special product first on the home page each day by using the bump product feature or uploading a new data feed with your featured product listed first.
  • Get social with your deals by promoting your products through a wall post and discussion with your fans.
  • Ask your users to Like your their favorite products and deals to draw attention of someone shopping for them.
  • Tie your ShopTab store to your daily deals promotions with customized banners used to endorse your offers.
  • Leverage the position on the page to provide clear calls to actions for your shoppers to make them aware of your holiday promotions.

How do you leverage you eCommerce and ShopTab stores during the holidays? Let us know what promotions you use to increase engagement and conversions with fans.

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