Create Link Magic with Your Facebook Store Banner

Social selling provides a platform to generate lasting fans and customers. You can accomplish this by not only creating a personality for your products and services but also offer exclusive deals for shopping inside of your Facebook store. By placing specific Facebook oriented coupons or promotion codes on your Facebook shop banner it gives your customers a reason to continuously check your page.

In most Facebook storefronts you may place either a coupon or promo code in the graphic banner above your Facebook shop products that creates a unique call to action for your fans and followers. It can direct them to use a promo code at checkout that is strictly for Facebook users, or it can direct them, via a URL, to a specific webpage for a printable coupon for use in a retail location.







If you’re wondering how you can make your banner linkable in ShopTab, it is located within the Customize tab in your admin site. Once there, you will scroll down to your banner image to the field that allows you to place a URL link. Once you click “Update” your banner will be hyperlinked to your designated webpage.






As a dynamic social marketer you need to create unique experiences for your fans that engage and reward so they will come back for more. The best news is that when you are successful most of the time they will tell their friends! Make your Facebook store a compelling social tool that allows your audience to spread the news about your content and products.

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