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Amazon Store Logo ShopTabIn today’s world Amazon is known as the powerhouse of online shopping. With its modest beginnings in bookselling back in 1994, Amazon has come a long way to develop into the world’s largest eCommerce platform with $34 billion dollars in annual revenue and over 137 million customers a week. It has even been estimated that Amazon makes up 1/10 of North American online sales. With impressive figures like that it makes sense that the Amazon Marketplace would be a great place for many retailers to set up shop.

Amazon makes it easy to set up a storefront and start selling within their marketplace. ShopTab makes it just as easy to amplify your e-commerce success through social selling by adding a shopping experience on your Facebook page.  With a few simple steps you can be up and running with your products visible to millions of users on Facebook.

ShopTab Featured Store –

To showcase how ShopTab can be used to compliment your Amazon store, we chose to highlight and its ShopTab Facebook store. has a great Amazon store where they sell a large variety of coffee products.

Unique attributes of this approach for their strategy:

  • Their Amazon store is used as their primary shopping cart from their website and Facebook page.
  • Each ShopTab product on their Facebook page is linked to Amazon making the user experience simple and cohesive.
  • By using Amazon as the Facebook store checkout there is only one system to manage for all inventory and payments.
  • Coffee Nate provides a great example of how to run a fully functional online store without the need for a dedicated eCommerce shopping cart hosted on a website.

Amazon Store Facebook ShopTab CoffeeNate

Check out their ShopTab store and website and see how it works.

Benefits of Using ShopTab with your Amazon Products

  • Simple and quick to implement
  • Creation of a new channel for sales via your Facebook connections
  • A new traffic driver to your Amazon store
  • Leverage for social sharing via Likes and Tweets from your followers
  • Leverage the credibility of the Amazon experience with your clients
  • Many of our followers likely already have an Amazon account

Like any new channel, the key to the social commerce channel with your Amazon store will be integrating it into your overall market plan. Adding a store tab to your page by itself will do little to entice your followers to find your products or services. Use your social conversation to highlight new products, compelling discounts or unique options that only your followers or their friends can use. Or ask your followers to comment, Like or Tweet about a product or service they like in your Facebook catalog.  Don’t forget that in addition to driving sales this store can be a great feedback opportunity that isn’t available in most e-commerce websites.

Do you use Amazon to sell products on Facebook? What other e-commerce stores do you use with ShopTab to sell products directly from Facebook? Share you store with us below or on our Facebook page.

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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    how do i use my Amazon feed for shoptab without having to upload all new pictures. i sell on amazon handmade,

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    This is interesting! I’m at an ecommerce agency that helps companies who are selling on Amazon. This may be something we want to expand into. Is this something offered as part of Shoptab or is it a custom plan?

  • Amazon doesn’t provide a way for ShopTab to pull a feed directly from the Amazon back-end. This is definitely something you can offer but the updating of the feed needs to be a manual process for those stores. We have seen many good social marketers drive good volume increases back to their Amazon stores.

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    I was looking at signing up for loads of affiliate programmes that are appropriate to the audience, but it seems thatI can present a full store and select which appropriate amazon products to promote?

    If this is done, can you then add a STORE TAB in Facebook and present those same products, linking directly into amazon?


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