Build your Social Deal Store with ShopTab’s SharedDeal

Shared Deal Logo-HRShopTab is excited to announce our newest application, SharedDeal, which delivers a Social Deal Store or Flash Store to your Facebook Fan page (see a demo app here).   ShopTab is the first to create a social “daily deal” app that is easily controlled by the retailer inside of Facebook. This new application can be valuable for virtually all brands and retailers as an element of their social marketing plan.   This technology is based upon ShopTab’s experience of listening to tens of thousands of Facebook store clients worldwide since 2009. This application also reflects social commerce research from Edison Research and Arbitron that validates a social deal provides financial value and audience reach payoff because of their use of exclusivity, creation of unique revenue opportunities and increased levels of product awareness.

A recent deployment of the Flash Store app with Giro Sports Design demonstrates the value in creating exclusive offerings. Their “FirstGiro - Red Glove in store Friday” monthly product promotion creates a unique opportunity to tell a story about a new product that is only available to their Facebook fans. Access to the flash store is available only to those that have liked the page using SharedDeal’s fan gate, which drives up their long-term marketing opportunities. Given their passionate fan base, these monthly promotions drive continued returns to their fan page and long-term ability to continue their conversation about their company and products via the fans news feed. Many argue that your biggest brand advocates are followers of the brand’s Facebook fan page – shouldn’t they be rewarded for this loyalty?

Ultimately, creating new revenues is an important aspect of all social marketing activities.  Offering special deals for time-sensitive products will impact your ability to drive revenues in a timely fashion. Holiday gifts, out of season items or even when you are overstock on an item are perfect opportunities to leverage a Facebook Flash Store.  We feel that a social deals app can even the playing field for small and mid-sized retailers in situations such as Black Friday, when large brands dominate selling efforts in social media.  Additionally, the SharedDeal store provides a highly segmented opportunity to promote products and packages that won’t dilute your other online marketing efforts since it will be limited to your Facebook fans and their friends.

The promotion of a daily deal or flash store provides a heightened level of awareness to new products, a new packaged offering or the testing of new pricing for an existing product. By placing these options in your Facebook flash store, you will receive immediate feedback in terms of sales but also by measuring the viral effect through likes and shares.  The SharedDeal store has a special “promote” feature that will allow you to immediately place the offer on your Fan Page news feed for distribution to your fans.  This makes the product available for purchase, or to share, by all users either through desktop, tablet or mobile access to their news feed.

And best of all, by launching your social deal store using SharedDeal you won’t be paying the high marketing costs (up to 50%) to organizations such as Groupon or LivingSocial.  With SharedDeal you are in control of what offers you provide and how you promote them to your fans and their friends – the ultimate way to gauge your financial and audience success.

Use our 7 day free trial to experiment with this new app.  If it is successful for your organization the monthly subscription is only $14.95.  Learn more here about ShopTab’s SharedDeal Daily Deal store.