Best Practices: Running Your ShopTab Facebook Store

ShopTab logoWe know that with so much competition out there is can often be tough to get your eCommerce store noticed. ShopTab can help get your store noticed by linking your social activity to your eCommerce activity in ways that can really get people talking.

Social selling is the future of eCommerce and ShopTab offers some unique options to get your Facebook store bringing in sales. We offer a large variety of customization options and features that make running your ShopTab as simple and personal.

Today we wanted to offer you a guide to making your ShopTab store even more useful to your business with a list of best practices for running your ShopTab store.

1. Brand your page with a custom banner from your store
Inserting a custom banner into your ShopTab store can be a great way to customize the look and feel of your store to your brand’s image. Coupled with our custom colors option for your search bar header, left rail options and text, you can really capture a unique feel to your Facebook store.

2. Make your store fun and interactive
Shopping is most often a fun, social experience for people and your e-Commerce store is no exception. Make your storefront reflect the brand image you want to capture and include fun aspects such as pictures, videos, and Facebook’s Like button.

3. Constantly adjust your store to fit customers’ needs
It is important to be constantly improving your store. Adding new features and options can make using your store exciting for customers and gives them a good reason to talk to their friends and come back for more.

4. Create fun and interesting product descriptions
Make your product descriptions worth reading! Use captivating language to not only sell your products, but also to make them fun and enjoyable to read. has made a huge following from goofy product descriptions.

5. Choose from over 35+ currencies or add support for multiple languages
ShopTab offers a wide variety of currency options and languages that are simple to integrate into your store. If we do not have your desired currency, contact our support team and we will add it.

6. Make sure your pictures are not too large and disrupting load times on Facebook
If your product images from your website are very large there can be a delay in loading them in your store. If you experience a problem try using smaller images.

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7. Utilize Google Analytics to track traffic to your website from ShopTab

ShopTab can be a fantastic way to send traffic to your website. Track it with Google Analytics to see the results for yourself!

8. Utilize updates to your ShopTab inventory with our automatic data feed
Update your inventory weekly (or daily for Ultimate plan users) from an automatic data feed of your website’s inventory and know confidently that your ShopTab prices and products are always up to date.

9. Post a weekly link to a showcased product on your ShopTab to drive interest
Drive attention to your ShopTab store from your status updates and showcase a featured product to focus user interest and awareness for a your social shopping option.

10. Promote your store to your customers and fans via social media and your website
Make sure your fans know that your ShopTab is up and running. Send them there through social media status updates, newsletters, and word of mouth.

11. Test your ShopTab frequently to view your store from a customer’s perspective
It is a good habit to frequently test your website and ShopTab from a user’s perspective to see what they see when then enter your store. This can be a good way to determine if your branding is correct and the right products are being seen by customers first.

12. Frequently backup your ShopTab products list
Export your data feed CSV from the ShopTab admin and saving to your computer frequently. In the event of an error or accident, you will have all your information safe and secure and ready to upload again.

If you have any questions or additional tips that you use to make your ShopTab store shine, please share with us in the comments below or join the conversation on our Facebook page.

Zach Beattie

Zach Beattie

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    Great point about #2- making your Facebook Page fun and interactive. It’s never been easier to create custom pages that help you get the most out of Facebook.

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